10 Reasons Why Girls Love Rosé Wine

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1.  Because Rosé feels like summer! Even though we drink it 365 – 24/7

Rose All Day

Source: https://instagram.com/taralipinski/


2.  It’s Pink and girls love the color pink! You know what girls love even more? Pink wine!

on Wednesdays we wear pink

Source: http://www.coursehero.com


3.  It may be the oldest known type of wine, as it is the most straightforward to make with the skin contact method (and you know us ladies like to brag about doing or knowing something first!)

grape skins


4.  It photographs well.  I mean seriously!

Source: https://instagram.com/dobrska

Source: https://instagram.com/dobrska


5.  It comes in many shades and can fit our every mood …. and let’s keep it real, our ever changing mood.

many shades of rose

Source: WineFolly.com


6.  It won’t break the bank!

We work hard for the money and we want to spend it on shoes not booze .. luckily you can get a GREAT bottle for $15!  We are a big fan of Club W! Find your perfect rose. – Explore Now

Source: ClubW.com

Source: ClubW.com


7.  There are SO many hashtags to choose from and use! #YesWayRosé #RoséAllDay #RoséSeason #Rosé #RoséLifestyle #RoséRevolution #RoséVibes and the list goes on!

Source: Vogue.com

Source: Vogue.com


8.  It goes with everything no matter what we’re eating, wearing or doing! 

Source: https://instagram.com/stuartbrazell/

Source: https://instagram.com/stuartbrazell/


9.  Because in the words of Fat Jew Rosé is SO US!

We are obsessing over his White Girl Rosé. And let’s be honest, someone had to create a Rosé that was free range, macrobiotic, fair trade, grass fed, conflict free, cage free, low carb, gluten free and delicious! You’re welcome.

white girl rose

Source: http://www.whitegirlwine.com


10.  And finally because it makes us act like this!!!

Are we blissed out or what? This is what happens when you attend a Rosé festival!

I hope this inspires you to get in the Rosé game. And remember Rosé is a lifestyle, so represent us well!

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Featured image via https://instagram.com/rose.all.day

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