10 Housewarming Gifts Perfect for Your Best Friend


It’s an exciting time in your BFF’s life when he or she is moving into a new house. And while you shower your friend with love year-round, housewarming gifts are a great way to show you care. In a time of transition, this can mean a great deal.

As your friend packs up, head out and find the perfect gift to welcome him or her into a new home. If you’re drawing blanks as to what that perfect gift could be, we’ve gathered 10 ideas that will either directly inspire your purchase or jog your brain so that you can recall exactly what your best friend wants or needs. Read on and get ready to go shopping!

  1. Return Address Stamp

    You should probably reserve this gift for a friend who has purchased a home and is moving into it for the foreseeable future. Choose a custom address stamp with a design that reflects your friend’s taste and he or she will probably use it for years and years to come.

  2. Special-Place Artwork

    Where did you meet your best friend? Was it in your hometown, at college or in the big city where you both started your careers? Think back and choose the place that has served as the setting of your friendship. Then find a piece of art that depicts that place — check out Etsy for unique and niche locations — and your friend will think of you every time they see it.

  3. Custom Welcome Mat

    You probably have a few inside jokes or sayings that you repeat with your best friend regularly. With spray paint, stencils and a run-of-the-mill doormat, you can make a fun saying into a custom welcome mat for the new place.

  4. Upscale Kitchen Accessory

    Does your best friend love a good cup of coffee or a fresh bowl of salad? Think of what he or she loves to prepare most in the kitchen and then buy a high-end tool used in the preparation of that dish. Easy and useful.

  5. Home-Baked Goodness

    Many sets of best friends spend lazy weekend nights watching movies and vegging out on the couch. Perhaps those snack sessions include a favorite baked good, like chocolate chip cookies or cake. Prepare your friend’s favorite dessert to bring over the first time you visit or, better yet, plan a whole stay-in night at the new place and bring everything the two of you will need: pedicure kits, candy, DVDs and more. That way you can start making new memories in the new place ASAP.

  6. Grown-Up Best Friend Necklace

    A friend on the move might be wary of a big gift, especially if their move will take them thousands of miles away. In that case, pick up a small trinket that your friend can wear in order to commemorate your friendship. Fortunately, you don’t have to split a best friends’ heart necklace anymore — instead, find a meaningful and trendy design to add to your BFF’s jewelry box.

  7. Housewarming Candles

    You probably know your best friend’s favorite scent, so grab a few candles to spice up the new place. Candles instantly make a space feel cozier, which makes them the perfect addition as your friend settles in.

  8. Picture Frame

    Most of our photos live and die on our cell phones. Break that pattern by printing out a recent picture of you and your best friend that both of you loved. Pick up a frame that either accentuates the picture or adheres to your BFF’s design aesthetic. He or she will certainly display the pic proudly in the new place.

  9. Your Best Friend’s Favorite Thing at Your House

    One of the perks of being best friends with someone is that you can show up and make yourself comfortable without anyone batting an eyelash. Perhaps your best friend always covers up with your cashmere throw or always steals a slick of your favorite eyeliner. As a housewarming gift, give your BFF his or her own version of this “favorite thing” that has — up until this point — been entirely yours.

  10. Booze

    Of course, no best friend gift list would be complete without a bottle of a favorite libation. Choose a blend that represents the next step in your friend’s life: a bottle of wine for dinner parties at a new home or a bottle of tequila to fuel nights out in the city from the new bachelor(ette) pad. Chances are, you’ll end up sharing the bottle together, too. We like to call that a win-win situation.


Whether you settle on food or drink, candles or photos, make sure that you add that final customizing touch that only best friends can share — no gift that has element can go wrong.

Savannah Hemmings
Savannah Hemmings is a personal stylist and lifestyle blogger. Her work has been featured in Hello Giggles, Bustle, Thought Catalog and Lucky Magazine. Like her tips? Check out her blog, SincerelySavannah, for more fun stuff! Twitter: @savhemmings
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