What Do You Do When You Feel __________?
by Jennifer Pastiloff

What Do You Do When You Feel __________?  (put anything in the blank.)

Do You

A) Ignore the feeling and pretend it isn’t part of you. Stuff it down. Bury it.

B) Honor all parts of YOU?

B! That’s what you do.

B as in Be.

Honor: the light parts, the sad parts, the parts that want to stay in bed on a grey day like today, the parts that feel like you’re better than you were yesterday and the parts that feel like you’ve slipped back a notch or two. Honor the parts that feel divine and the parts that need watering, the parts that do yoga and the parts that don’t.

Honor the loud parts and the quiet parts. Honor the parts of you that have dance parties and the parts that cannot hear the music.

Honor the generous parts and the part that feels a little jealous. Honor the banged up knee, the shoulder with tendonitis, the knee that has just been replaced and the hamstrings that are as open as when you were four. Or not.

Either way.

It’s all you. Honor it all.

Today, I felt kind of blue. In fact, the past few days I have felt bleh. 

I feel guilty when I get like this. I want to stay in my bed and not talk to anyone and not say the words downward dog or vinyasa or plank. I feel guilty because I feel like I should not feel this way.

Ah, that nasty should word.

And why shouldn’t I? Where did I decide that?

I am going to honor all the parts of me. The parts that don’t feel like talking today or doing yoga or putting on clothes, because they are parts of me. They are all a part of Jen too. Maybe not the part I often show the world, but they are me.

There are parts of me and without those parts I wouldn’t have this whole of me.

I wouldn’t be as complete a me.

I wouldn’t be as authentic a me.

I wouldn’t be as goofballl a me (as my husband calls me, and I proudly wear as a badge.)

Today what part of you will you honor?

Fill in the blank.

Today I am honoring my ______________.

Jennifer Pastiloff

I am a lover of life, laughter, poetry, yoga and a really good glass of wine. I created Manifestation Yoga, which is all about causing serious breakthroughs in your life without being too serious. My rule of “If you fall you must laugh and take down your neighbor” is Strictly enforced! I teach all over Los Angeles and also in Philadelphia & NJ at Dhyana Yoga. I travel the world teaching workshops and leading retreats. My nephew Blaise was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Prader Wille Syndrome (PWS) which prompted me to start GAME Yoga. Gifts And Miracles Everyday: Free Yoga for Kids w/ Special Needs. It’s also a really good excuse for me to be around kids whom I generally loved more than the average adult. I am also a poet, and in the process of writing a book. I firmly believe that you can manifest whatever it is you want in your life. I am partially deaf and wear hearing aids. I spent 13 years working in the same restaurant and I believe that everyone should have a job in the service industry at least once in their life. It’s good for the soul. www.jenniferpastiloff.com www.manifestationyoga.com

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2 Responses to What Do You Do When You Feel __________?

  1. Today I am honoring my two remaining brain cells and my sense of humor because without those two I would be a complete basket case :)

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