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How to Make Your Mom Bod a Hot Bod. Before we begin, let’s make one thing clear: Every mom bod is amazing. You delivered a baby — your body did some incredible work. Now, though, you want to do some equally as impressive work on it and make your mom bod even more beautiful than it already is.

The other thing to consider — you’re a mom, so you’re busy. You have to work out smarter, splicing a good sweat into your daily routine. Fortunately, other moms have forged the way, and there are plenty of tips to make exercise easier in the midst of everything else you have to do. Here are 10 of them:

1. Start Early

For some moms, the best way to ensure they get a workout in is to do it as soon as they wake up — and no later than that. It removes the possibility of life getting in the way of working out as the day goes on.

Plus, if the kids are asleep, you can sneak out, exercise and come back in time to spend all morning with them anyway. And, since exercise will boost your energy and mood, that’s good news for all of you.

2. Use Your Lunch

Okay, we know that not all of us moms are early risers. If you can’t force yourself out of bed at the break of dawn, then you’ll have to secure another time in the day for your fitness.

For many moms like you, their work-provided lunch break is the perfect window. The hour-long gap allows them to exercise and freshen up before returning to work.

3. Schedule It

Want to make sure you stick to your workout plan? Write it down in your planner, Google calendar or any other weekly organizer you use. Then, you’ll treat it like your meetings, kids’ activities and everything else you promptly attend because it’s in your planner.

Similarly, try signing up for fitness classes. It’s the same concept — you’ll have to arrive by a certain time to get your sweat session in. Plus, most studios have strict cancellation rules and fees, so you’ll have even more incentive to show up for your class.

4. Work out While They Work

If you have school-aged children, homework time can become mom’s workout time. Slip into a room nearby to keep an ear on them while you exercise.

In fact, you can coordinate your workouts with when the kids will be busy — if it’s not homework, then exercise when they’re participating in their after-school activities or relaxing during their daily TV time. Your local gym might even have childcare, so you can work out without worry.

5. Use the Playground

Another creative workout option — take advantage of your kids’ outside time and make the playground your gym. Aside from performing the usual suspects — lunges, squats, push-ups, burpees — you can use the equipment around you for a full-body workout.

For instance, you can use the swing for a core-building knee tuck, and you can do lateral step-ups on the nearest bench.

6. Opt for an Active Commute

Depending on the distance between home and your children’s school or your work, you might consider ditching the car. Push the kids to daycare or school in a stroller for a nice morning workout. Or, once you’ve driven them to school, park the car and walk or bike to work.

Like we said, a little boost of activity in the morning can help energize you for the day ahead, and most of us moms can use that buzz.

7. Find a Buddy

If you struggle to find your fitness motivation, a workout buddy could be the solution. For one thing, exercising with a partner makes you more likely to show up for your sweat sessions. You’ll work harder with the support of your friend. Plus, you can commiserate when the going gets tough.

All of this makes your workout more enjoyable, so find a friend — perhaps a fellow mom — and start scheduling tandem trips to the gym.

8. Reduce Wasted Hours

Let’s be honest — how much time do you spend surfing social media every day? This time probably helps you decompress after a long or stressful stretch at the office, but it takes away from all the other things you need and want to do.

Track what you do in your free time to see how much of it you’re wasting on mindless scrolling. Then, use some of that time to exercise instead.

9. Do What You Can

Whether your baby has an ear infection or your high schooler just told you about a massive project due tomorrow, your kids are always throwing you curveballs. So, sometimes life gets in the way of your grand workout plan, and that’s okay.

A trimmed-down version of your routine is better than no workout at all and, sometimes, that’s all you can do.

10. Include Your Kids

Just can’t find the alone time to get your sweat on? Include the kids! They like to move, too, and it’s always good for everyone when they burn off some of their energy. While it’s sometimes nice to workout — or go to the bathroom — by yourself, bringing the kids along for your exercise regime can create a positive bonding experience. Whether it’s at the playground, on a trail hike or at home, everyone can have a little fun with a good workout.

So, write your workout time into your planner, exercise during lunch or bring the kids along, too. You can do this. We’re right there with you, working to make our already amazing mom bods a little hotter.

Kara Reynolds
Kara Reynolds is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of Momish Magazine. A mom of four and matriarch to her big blended family, Kara wants nothing more than to normalize differences in family structures. She enjoys peeing alone, pancakes, and pinot noir - but not at the same time.
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