7 Ways to Supercharge your fertility!

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Fertility issues affect 15 % of couples. But why it is so difficult to change the perspective of your sexual life. Let’s begin with understanding the meaning of fertility and how we can find different ways to boost it. Infertility primarily refers to the biological inability of a person to contribute to conception. In the other hand, fertility differs from fecundity, which is defined as the potential for reproduction. But the question that comes in your mind is – How to increase sperm health? Here are some exercises and examples to start off.

First of all
Rule no.1
Start off with cutting caffeine
By now, there must be several questions rushing through your head about caffeine and its effects on one’s fertility. Researchers have found that caffeine reduces the probability of getting pregnant by 27 percent. So, a piece of very good advice is, per day consumption should not cross over 300 milligrams of caffeine.

Rule no.2
Say NO to smoking!
Yes, despite coffee, smoking is another disadvantage that you do to your body. Smoking can lower the number and the quality of sperm, so for the sake of your health and your future baby try to ditch it.

Rule no.3
Vitamins to boost fertility.
When you hear the word vitamins you overthink about different types of this ‘glamorous vitamins world‘ but the priority ones, that make you feel more sexually active and a must-have are :

  1. Zinc – contributes to ovulation and fertility and the most important thing to increase testosterone production in men.
  2. Folic Acid – The greatest of all. This vitamin is referred to be used a lot during pregnancy because it creates blood cells in your body. Who doesn’t want some extra fuel in their machine, right ?! Let me remind you some other vitamins so you can add to your healthy diet… Iron, Vitamin B6, Omega 3 and Calcium. All this different type of vitamins will create a new balance and a healthy way of living.Rule no.4
    Skip the lubricants! Even if it makes your sexual life more enjoyable and fun, that extra lubricant can damage the sperm.

    Rule no.5
    Let’s stick with rule no.4. Another addition part to involve on it, it’s not to take testosterone like products. These ones send messages to the testicles that there is enough testosterone around, so the brain can stop sending the signals to make sperm. So if you’re taking those supplements please stop NOW.

    Rule no.6
    Yes, It is simple as that! Try to do some yoga or to ride a bike and this will help to increase the heat in the scrotum which can interfere in sperm production.

    Rule no.7
    Anything Else?
    If you’re trying to get pregnant try to have a healthy life and choose your lifestyle wisely. It’s really important to make some of your things as a priority and this can indicate in your future life.

    Get that extra nutrition, improve your body by making it feel good.
    And the last but not least, be confident and positive with your body. If you truly believe you can do it, 99 % of these cases you will see great results. Looking everything in perspective can make you achieve all your goals. Good luck with creating the newest and greatest version of yourself!


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