Who Shot Rock and Roll?

Girl Power

Who shot Rock and Roll?  No really, who did?

When did we have to start worrying about going into a movie theatre and being safe or deciding not to eat fast food because of bigotry?

Yes, granted we don’t have separate drinking fountains or bathrooms anymore…so I do have to give humanity a little credit; but my two uncles still have to fight to keep their marriage legal.  I guess life is really filled up of checks and balances, yin and yang, karma and dharma.  For everything amazing that we do accomplish as a race, it is then offset with something not so amazing.  We land on Mars within two weeks of a PhD student dressing up as a fictional character, taking innocent people’s lives.  But we can’t shoot Rock and Roll.  Well, some people did…but they shot “photos” of Rock and Roll.  And thanks to them, they balanced out some of the ugliness of the world, capturing some of our most riveting rockers, sharing their intimate life moments, allowing us to escape and jump into their world.  You can check out the exhibit at The Annenberg Space for Photography until October 7th (extended until October 21st).


On Saturday night I got the privilege to enjoy Rock and Roll.  I got to jump into the real life exhibit of Rock and Roll.  KCRW presented the last of the three free Saturday night concerts for its listeners.  I got to hear the soulful and sexy voice of RAPHAEL SAADIQ topping off the night with BAND OF SKULLS, who just left the pouring rain of Lollapalooza. Watching Emma Richardson on the bass and vocals made me remember why I wanted to be a rock star as a child, owning the stage and singing from her gut.

Going against the grain of the stereotype of LA, the amazing, eclectic, fun, down to earth humans comfortably consumed this event.  Everyone was nice, no one was insanely drunk, and there was no pulling of the status card; never an issue with crowds or violence. The biggest disrupt of the night was when I dropped one third of my nachos on the floor of the beer garden that my friends, of course, helped me pick up. Once the event was at capacity KCRW appropriately closed the event so those already admitted could comfortably enjoy a wonderful night under the few visible LA stars (and believe me I saw them that night), leaving room to talk, dance, sing and be merry. It was a night that made me feel proud of our city –  the city in which I have spent the last 10 years of my life.

I watched a little boy on top of his dad’s shoulders in the pit the entire night, bouncing around with a large smile on his face. This little boy enjoyed the night as much as the twenty, thirty and forty-somethings surrounding me.  The night was about the music, the Rock and Roll; it spoke to the people and it brought us together.

Rock and Roll, Living Life, Creating Art, & Appreciating Talent.


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  1. Amy says:

    Love it Stef – sounds like an awesome experience! Those are the moments that make me love this city too. 🙂

  2. Great article, I concur whole-heartedly, there are certain times that Los Angeles will make you smile and realize that betting the farm and transplanting yourself here was a good idea.

  3. Lori says:

    Hi Stef. Great article; even with all the craziness in the world, there is always wonderful things to be a part of- thanks for reminding us…

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