The Stories We Tell

Girl Power

How many times a day do we make up stories in our heads, either about ourselves or the people around us or the world we live in? Even stories about our future, about events that have not even occurred yet?

I estimate that I do it at least 10 times a day. Maybe 20.

Hint: Don’t believe yourself. Listen to your story, but don’t believe it because it’s mostly fiction.

An Example:

Someone walks out of my class early and I tell myself a story that they hated me and/or my class.

Possible reason: They had a doctor appointment. They had gas. They had to pick up their child. They forgot to feed the meter. They needed to tweet. They had to go to work. They decided yoga sucks. Class was too easy/hard. They felt sick. They thought planking was a fad not a real yoga pose. They forgot to take their meds. They had a date. They were hungover or wanted to develop a hangover. They had to be on set ( ok, I live in Los Angeles.) They had to get down to the unemployment office. They had to go fire someone. They are Brad Pitt and their 6 children were calling.

A Mark Hobley watercolor.

Even if the “story” I make up is true, which I doubt, but even if so… so what??

Drumroll please…. It’s not personal anyway!

So today I have decided to not make up any stories in my head about what I assume something or someone means about me.

I have decided to no longer make up stories about my future based on fear or my past.

My good friend Eleanor Roosevelt said to me once over a good glass of Cabernet….

“Jen, You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.”

Eleanor sharing her sage advice with Jen Pastiloff over some vino

Then she taught me how to go from crow pose to handstand.

Okay, she didn’t really tell me personally, but that is indeed a fun story! Tell more of these stories and less of the others!

So today, my Manifestation Challenge® is this:

Get through the day without making up something about yourself that simply is not true. What story can you stop telling today?

Please share below.


Jennifer Pastiloff
I am a lover of life, laughter, poetry, yoga and a really good glass of wine. I created Manifestation Yoga, which is all about causing serious breakthroughs in your life without being too serious. My rule of “If you fall you must laugh and take down your neighbor” is Strictly enforced! I teach all over Los Angeles and also in Philadelphia & NJ at Dhyana Yoga. I travel the world teaching workshops and leading retreats. My nephew Blaise was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Prader Wille Syndrome (PWS) which prompted me to start GAME Yoga. Gifts And Miracles Everyday: Free Yoga for Kids w/ Special Needs. It’s also a really good excuse for me to be around kids whom I generally loved more than the average adult. I am also a poet, and in the process of writing a book. I firmly believe that you can manifest whatever it is you want in your life. I am partially deaf and wear hearing aids. I spent 13 years working in the same restaurant and I believe that everyone should have a job in the service industry at least once in their life. It’s good for the soul.
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  1. I woke up this morning worrying that if I rest then I will miss out on work opportunities. I’ve been telling this story for so long. As though taking a day off and resting the body and mind would somehow get me off the manifestation train 🙂 When that story spins in my head, I’m unable to rest or enjoy the day off. It creates anxiety and brings my level of joy and trust to level that makes me feel uncomfortable. So, that’s the story I choose to delete today. Thanks Jen.

  2. This is a unique question. Anxiety itself is not fun. I was raised with dark sarcasm here and was usually told, “Just because you are paranoid does not mean they aren’t out to get you.” I learned over the years that anti-anxiety meds can be just as effective, and at times more consistent than dark humor as a coping mechanism. There are times when you trust your gut and if you can effect a situation in a positive way it makes sense to at least try, so you can look yourself in the mirror and know you did the right thing. I am not good at lying to myself or anyone else (tongue and cheek humor here) I was born with sodium pentothal in my veins. I just keeping pushing forward, for lack of better words, I just bite the bullet and bear whatever pain the truth entails.

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