Sydney’s Newest Funky Urban Places to Escape to with the Girls

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The Land of Down Under gets tons of traction as one of the world’s top destinations when it comes to natural getaways, and rightfully so. It’s refreshing, well-preserved, diverse, and strikingly beautiful, hence the global interest in this gem of a continent. However, there’s something equally alluring, if not more so, about its urban metropolises, brimming with people, bustling with events, and buzzing with excitement. Perfect for an all-girl escape, don’t you think?

As its iconic representative, Sydney deserves to be in the spotlight now. Some other time, that will be Melbourne, or even Brisbane. Now, let’s focus on where you and your best gal gang can head to in order to relax, have fun, and discover this incredible city while bonding with each other!

CBD for a shopping escapade


We all know that the best way to heal those breakup wounds is to head for a weekend of unlimited shopping, perusing, and selfies with your besties. Nothing can put a smile on your face and help you start a next chapter in your life quite like finding a perfect dress that carries no memories of your insignificant other, and Sydney streets are your perfect pick.

In the very heart of the city, you’ll find a slew of desirable boutiques, brand stores, and the famous shopping malls to take your break away. From Westfield Sydney and its 250+ stores of delightful fashion stores, all the way to the Queen Victoria Building and its luxe look and feel, you’ll definitely find your shopping soulmate in the city of Sydney!

Dance ‘til you drop in Darling Harbor


Home to some of the finest nightclubs, bars, and DJ meccas, Darling Harbor is so much more than just another ordinary suburb of the city. Rest assured, if you plan to party, dance, get tipsy, or you simply want to vent with an extraordinary level of fun, this little Sydney nook will not disappoint.

Make sure to visit Marquee for spectacular DJ performances and a classy evening filled with Australia’s finest party folk, impervious to Sydney’s lockout laws, or head to The Retro for some old dance hits and a more relaxed party atmosphere. There’s something for everyone!

Get cultured in Chippendales


Some of the funkiest Sydney spots carry its oldest vibes clad in a new, hipster, and art-loving mood. That’s perhaps the simplest way to describe the constantly growing art hub of Chippendales, where more independent local and international galleries keep popping up around every corner, waiting to impress even the quirkiest of culture vultures. Think: White Rabbit, the Pine Street Creative Arts Centre, and ArtSHINE Gallery as some of the must-sees on your list.

While there, why not make it an all-encompassing experience and stay in the Old Clare Hotel, the neighborhood’s crown jewel of architecture, and a boutique beauty for aficionados of history and art lovers. It’s as urban and chic as it gets, and to top it all off, you can enjoy a smooth drink in the rooftop bar of this hotel (as soon as it’s open again), with the most breathtaking urban view you could imagine.

Bronzed on Bondi


The beauty of Sydney’s urban vibe is in the fact you can have a cool city escape with some beach basking in the same package. If anything, the city’s numerous and stunning beaches are a vital component of its vibrant urban culture and lifestyle, so if you want to mingle with the locals, then Bondi is the place to be.

Have you ever tried surfing? There’s no time like the present to try new things! Head to the famous Icebergs for a view you’ll never forget, and while you’re in the neighborhood, check out their little boutiques for some authentic Sydney baubles.

Balmain for foodies  


If you and your gal gang are gourmets at heart, few cities in the world can come close to the menu Sydney has to offer its locals as well as guests. You’ll find the entire city brimming with international food spots, fancy restaurants, and hipster smoothie places, as well as coffee shops in abundance everywhere.

One region stands out as the best for your palate, and that’s Balmain. Craving for Italian food? Try the 100-year-old recipe lasagna at the Bertoni Café. You’ll come cross genuine Thai food at Chon Thai, while you can even have a taste of true Ireland in Cat and Fiddle. Let’s bet you’ll find the time to visit them all!

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