Sometimes I have so much work to do, I just sit there and stare at Facebook…#DistractedGirlProblems

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Sometimes I have so much work to do, I just sit there and stare at Facebook…#DistractedGirlProblems

NO really this is true.

This is the year of accountability for me. I currently have two handfuls of people to whom I am holding accountable and being held accountable to. Like my friend Dwana always says, “I don’t want to be sitting at the Golden Globes all by myself.” But really…like attracts like.

I have always had goals and intentions, but this year something amazing has happened. I have been presented with people who are teetering on the edge of success, just like myself, and are not just invested in theirs…but mine as well. So when I have a ridiculous zombie moment, staring at Facebook…I know I can call one of my peeps to see how they are doing with their goals, and you can bet your ass they will ask me right back. Somehow I will find the strength to avert my eyes from my monitor – that beautiful bright light that Apple has created on my MacBook…my god, it must have some form of visual crack, cocaine, or crystal meth in it.

In fact, as I am writing this article, I may or may not be keeping up with my Facebook feed, and ohhh look what quote just popped up, “My ambition is handicapped by laziness” 
― Charles Bukowski. I Stefanie, am definitely not lazy, but if I have too much going on, which I usually do, I get overwhelmed…which can lead to distraction.

So what can we do to maintain our focus and attain our goals:

1. Account for yourself and hold others accountable– Know what your peers and peeps are aspiring to accomplish and support them. Ask them to support you.

2. Set deadlines for yourself– Give yourself dates, day, weeks, and months you want to accomplish your goals by.

3. Break down the goal– Know what you need to do to achieve this goal and break it down step by step, so it is easier to achieve.

4. Be realistic– Give your self the appropriate amount of time to complete these goals.

5. Don’t beat yourself up– If you miss a deadline, it’s not the end of the world. Don’t give up! Acknowledge that you missed your deadline and make a new one. Move forward

6. Remember that life happens– You cannot control everything, so work hard and try to stay on task. When the right opportunity presents itself, your hard work will pay off. Luck = hard work + right opportunity. (I actually learned that from Brittany Murphy on her MTV special, “Diary”.)

7. Perfect People Suck– Stop trying to be perfect. We are all flawed, so do the best you can do.

8. Enjoy the process– While it is important to work hard, I have never heard anyone say as they were dying that they wish they had worked harder. Enjoy what you are doing while you are doing it!

9. Reward yourselfLove yourself. . Life is not all about work. When you accomplish a goal, give yourself some love. Indulge.

xoxo Stefanie

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