Perfectly Imperfect

Girl Power

I remember being 12 years old and looking in the mirror at someone I did not accept. That someone grossed me out and made me question whether I would ever be beautiful. I was so insecure in my body and with my looks. I was overweight and unattractive which is not rare for someone who is pre-pubescent. As the years went by in my development I started to grow into myself and obsess about every little thing. Stretch marks, body hair, cellulite, a pimple, a pound and maybe even a freckle.

I was trapped in the body that housed me and I was unhappy. These years didn’t last very long THANK GOD because I had found validation in something else. There was so much more to myself than “a body”, there was a soul of expression that ran deep through my veins. Art and music became the outlet to which I found validation, not from others but from myself.

Till this day I hear women complain and hold themselves back from life because they aren’t “bikini ready” or I have spider veins. As we get older and shift into our late 20’s and 30’s we shouldn’t hold back in any way BECAUSE this is probably the youngest and best we are EVER going to look again:) I mean lets get real! My breasts are still perky and I am rocking it with out a bra on a regular basis, you know why??? BECAUSE I CAN:) Hahaha.

I have to say that recently in my life and ever since a horrific car accident that I just survived, I have an impressive amount of self-worth and confidence I have never had. Your life can change in a second and or a blink of an eye and POOF you are dead. JUST LIKE THAT. And let me tell you something, when you are looking at death in the face you are not going to be worrying about that 5 pounds you have gained or the sunspot on your face! YOU in fact are going to be praying that you get to see the light of day and that you would be excited to be in a bikini at the beach on this earth again.

Forget the little things that drive you nuts and make you feel inadequate, they don’t mean a thang. You are here now with a body that loves you and hopefully you love the WHOLE THING back. It can always be worse. Love the beauty you are and embrace the fact that you are PERFECTLY IMPERFECT, there isn’t anything more naturally stunning than that.

Cheers to life and womanhood,

Sarah Agajanian

Sarah Agajanian
Sarah Agajanian is an artist and writer of many forms in Los Angeles, CA. She owns her own business called Rock N' Brows + Makeup in Beverly Hills, holding a reputation as a leading eyebrow sculptor to Hollywoods most elite Her nights are busy with performing/recording her music with her band project ESEMAE. A singer/songwriter/musician she is, determined to express her creative self as much as possible! ESEMAE frequents: The Viper Room, Foundation Room, Harvelles, Bar Lubitsch, Witzend, Troubadour and many more! Follow her on social media for all the music and beauty possible.

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  1. Wow, you’re spot on here. Great article. It is all about your heart, the rest is just window dressing. Hope you have a nice weekend.

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