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Sometimes it is so hard to walk away from something that is weighing you down. We have seen it in the movies, on TV and in our lives but somehow it seems like every once in awhile we all get stuck. We get stuck in a bad job, a bad relationship, and even toxic friendships but when is the right time to walk away?

Recently I have found that there were so many things I was holding onto in life in hopes that they would change or get better. Month after month I would hope that the happiness and ease that once existed would return. Well guess what? Waiting around did me no good. Ever heard of the saying, if you want something you have to make it happen… well it’s true.

I was stuck in a bad friendship for as long as I can remember. She was a friend I’d had since I was 8 years old. We had a lot of good time growing up and saw each other through some really tough situations but over the years things changed. Every time we were around each other she was instigating a fight or making some kind of issue that I would have to resolve. I stood up for her, made up with her, and pretended everything was ok for a long time.  Until one day I asked myself… why do you do it? The answer was easy, she is my friend, but is a friend someone who makes your life harder or better?

It took me a little while but eventually I walked away from the friendship. There was no big fight or friend breakup just a slow removal process. While I miss her and what we used to have I know now that I am much happier. I have surrounded myself with people who lift me up and not people who make it hard for me to succeed.

For me it was a friend. For you it may be a job. Whatever it is make sure that when you get stuck you find a way out. Know that in the long run letting go wont be the end all be all. Things get better and always try to see the bigger picture. What makes you a better you?

Paige Sullivan
Paige is the epitome of a Bostonian. She isn’t afraid to say what she is feeling and to go after what she wants. Paige has an obsession with everything pop culture and entertainment. She is currently working towards a career in entertainment reporting.


  1. Letting go of things in life can be difficult. But there have been times where letting go made sense, and it made life so much better!

  2. Monica Hill says:

    Hey Paige, just wanted to say HEY from Kansas City and to mention that I found your post on Reddit today. How serendipitous that I found it today as I just broke a friendship with a friend I had also since 8 years old (and I’m 30!). I finally realized she simply is not the same person I thought she was. She changed and I changed too. As everything in this world, friendships are an organic element that are born, grow, mature, but sometimes end too… and it was time to let go. Thanks for posting this & hoping this works out for me just as it worked out for you.

  3. Paige says:

    I hope so too! It all works out in the end!

    I am glad that this could help you as I most definitely struggled when my friendship ended! Like the say when one chapter ends another begins. I hope it all works out for you 🙂

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