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It’s fall, which means school’s back in session. Not only do I spend my days as editor of Where South Florida magazine, but I also teach a class at Miami-Dade College. Needless to say, I adore what I do but I do admit there have been moments I have felt overwhelmed and I have wondered how I will be able to make time for myself, my husbands, my friends and, well, life in general.

After almost going through an internal nervous breakdown I took a deep breath, sat down, and created these three little tips for myself that will surely get me through the fall as deadlines approach and grading becomes the weekend norm. While stress will always play a factor as it creeps upon me, reminding myself that I can handle it all is a blessing. One blessing that I thought would be great to share with all my Dirty and Thirty readers.

1. Have an agenda: As I prepare myself for events, I carry an old-fashioned paper agenda with me. There, I write all my events, happy hours with friends and important work deadlines. It helps me visualize my days better and makes me realize what days are best for me. Not a big paper agenda person? Schedule yourself on your smart phone and make sure you set up a reminder alarm for important meetings and dates. Having an agenda has saved my life and helps me visualize my days through a scheduled calendar.

2. Give yourself days off: I always try to schedule at least one or two days a week, if possible, where I just lay on the couch, read, watch movies and relax. These days help keep me sane during hectic weeks were stories must be written, papers must be graded and meetings are the norm.


3. Learn to say “no” and make time for others: As much as I would love to do everything and be everything to everyone, it is impossible to be in two places at the same time. Make sure you set your priorities straight and learn to say “no” to something you might deem unproductive. Make sure to leave time on your agenda for a cup of coffee with an old friend, meeting a family member to catch up, or even date night with your significant other. All these activities keep you sane and grounded and you’ll be happy you took time off your busy schedule to spend time with someone you love. In the end, life is too short to not make times for those who love you and miss you. It’s the best stress reliever.

Aurora Dominguez
Aurora Dominguez is currently a high-school teacher. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she will never regret the time she packed up three suitcases to move to sunny Miami, Florida to pursue her Master’s Degree in Mass Communications at Florida International University. Proud to be in her 30’s, Aurora loves meeting young minds when she teaches that are eager to learn the ever-changing wonders of today’s fast-paced world of journalism. Some of Aurora’s loves include writing, pop music, jeans and graphic tees, her friends, champagne and her husband Sebastian. She can be found gossiping over wine with her girlfriends, at a concert or enjoying days off with the hubby.

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