Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Fierce Women

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You’ve already finished with your Christmas shopping, but there’s still that one hard-to-buy-for person you simply don’t know what to get this holiday season. How do you even choose a present for someone who never wants or likes anything? The answer is to buy a gift that matches her bold personality and allows her to express herself in the best possible way. So, here are some last-minute gift ideas every fierce woman on your list is bound to fall in love with:

Gifts that empower and motivate

Nowadays, bookstores are the ideal place for stimulating cultural conversations that criticize the damaging politics which are crippling our society and our democracy. From significant pay gaps to discrimination and bigotry women are faced with every day, many female authors are calling out these injustices in the most beautifully written books, and it’s just the type of reading material one fierce, badass woman needs in her life. Whether it’s a social or an economic justice book, any bold and daring woman will undoubtedly be pleased with such influential and motivating reading material. And who knows, the passionate words she reads might even empower her to start her own revolution.

Gifts that explore her sexuality

As modern, emancipated women, we are no longer constrained by archaic views of intimacy, and are now completely free to explore and embrace the sexual side of our lives and our personalities. So this Christmas, feel free to surprise your fierce woman with a present that is both naughty and nice. Whether you’re her partner or her best friend, it would be a wonderful idea to opt for more daring gifts this year, such as great adult toys that will provide her with all the excitement and pleasure she needs in her life. After all, there’s no better way to celebrate the holiday season that with “The Big O”.

Gifts that embrace her femininity

As we’re lucky enough to live in a period of time when women are staring to be celebrated for their uniqueness and diversity, instead of being pushed into a certain mould, more and more women are feeling completely comfortable and confident in their bodies. So, help the fierce woman in your life embrace and celebrate her femininity by choosing a beautiful lacy lingerie set that is equal parts sexy and incredibly comfortable. Don’t be fooled into thinking lingerie should only be bought for and by a partner; as long as you are close enough as to not be inappropriate, your fierce woman is bound to be delighted by this amazing gift. Team it with a racy adult toy, and you’ve got yourself a true winner.

Gifts that get the message across

If the fierce woman in your life is someone who is not afraid to show the world who she is and what she stands for, then opt for a gift that will help her get that important message across. From beautiful jewelry engraved with powerful messages and T-shirts printed with feminist slogans, to mugs and framed prints with motivational quotes that will help her start her day on the right foot, there are many ways you can help your mother, girlfriend, wife or friend express her fierce and daring personality with a bold statement. Ultimately, nothing can truly show her just how much you know, love and support her like encouraging her to be herself.

Gifts that support other women

No matter what kind of present you decide to get for the fierce woman in your life this holiday season, why not go a step further and make the gift even more considerate by buying it from a woman-owned company or brand. If you’re not sure how to make the right choice, there are many online directories for women-owned businesses that will make the search easier and help you shift the buying power towards hardworking and deserving females. If the badass woman in question is an entrepreneur herself, it would also be a wonderful idea to give her the gift of community, and buy her a membership to an online community for women business owners, where she can get the support and recognition she deserves.

No matter which one of these incredible Christmas presents you opt for, there’s no denying any beautiful, strong and fierce woman in your life will be absolutely overjoyed to receive such an empowering feminist gift.

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