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Guest Blog: Brenda Lyttle

Your ‘personality’ is your unique way of interacting with others. In the past, many philosophers and psychologists believed that a personality is unchanging and stable. Others also thought they were rigidly inherited from one’s biological parents.

Such ideas were, however, nullified by the proponents of modern psychology. The works of Carl Jung, James Freud, and Ivan Pavlov, to name a few, made it amply clear that personality that originates from a person’s internal self to manifest itself in external communications is actually a complex, and ever evolving, thing.

It is directly dependent on a person’s upbringing, surroundings, and experiences in life. There are, however, also some cheat codes that allow people to manipulate their behavior and attitude in a way that engenders a great personality.  Given below are 5 of such of personality development tricks that will make you immensely likeable and popular among your friends, family, and colleagues.

1. Be Open about Meeting New People

Many people shy away from interacting with others. It might be that they are too introverted, or even lazy, to go out and meet people. If you, however, decide to meet new people, communicate with them frankly, and increase your social network, be receptive to new ideas, ways of looking at the world, and cultural differences.

If possible, also try to imbue your character with certain attractive qualities that you find in others. This will make you an interesting person to be around.

2. Avoid Pretending

Nothing repulses people more than a person who is pretending to be something that they are not. They can see through such unnecessary artifices, instantly – something that immediately puts them off. So, if you are reticent by nature, there is no need to act like a hyperactive humorist.

Similarly, if you differ in your views with people, try not to say yes to what they have to say. Chances are that you will be tagged a hypocrite, in this process. Always remember that while fitting in is important, it should not be achieved at the cost of repressing your natural thought process and impulses. You cannot be happy this way.

3. Have A Sense Of Humor

You don’t need to be court jester or a clown to make people laugh. You don’t even need to bend over your knees trying to impress them with jokes. Instead, simply work on having a positive attitude to things, and seeing the comic side to even a tricky situation.

You will see that doing such a thing will make people naturally smile in your presence. They will find themselves irretrievably attracted to your lighthearted nature. Learning a few funny quotes might come handy in this regard.

4. Support Others

Everybody makes a few mistakes in their life; everybody goes through a tough phase. In such circumstances, they want to be around people, who support them, and boost their self-esteem. Be that person that others can rely for emotional support. You don’t always need to encourage their mistakes for this. You just need to believe in them to change their ways, and life, for the better. This will give them the will to go on.

5. Treat All People with Respect

You shouldn’t just be good to people, but you should actually respect them. Whatever a person’s age, social standing, or culture, it’s good to integrate an element of integrity in your personality when dealing with them.

In these ways, you can develop a good personality that is desirable for others.

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