How To Deal With The Post V-Day Blues

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How To Deal With The Post V-Day Blues

You thought you were cool with your single status on Valentine’s Day. You even felt a little smug. You remembered all the miserable times you had with the boyfriends who weren’t right for you, secretly wishing you were single and having an awesome night with your friends. You almost pitied the people stuck in relationships on February 14th.

Then all the social media posts started pouring in. Your friends didn’t look miserable at all. In fact, they inundated your feed with gushing tributes to the loves of their life and their soul mates. Suddenly everything was cutesy pictures and romance in your face whether you wanted to see it or not. It only took a few minutes to feel like downright crap.

The good news? This is a natural reaction. Social media is tailor-made to make us feel less than adequate. No one posts pictures of the fights or the tears or the difficult times. You weren’t one of the snarky people who posted about how happy you are to be single or how much love sucks, so take credit for that.

You can control what you see and don’t see. Put down the phone and go live your life. After all, you’re never going to meet your own soul mate with your face buried in text messages. Maybe your reaction to all that lovey-dovey stuff even made you a little more self-aware. It’s possible that you’re feeling a bit lonely and you’re trying to deny it to yourself.

Of course you want to find the right person – who doesn’t? It doesn’t mean that your life is awful and empty. On the contrary, the fact that you felt so happy and confident before those romantic pictures shook your resolve is a great sign. You’re actually doing very well. If you weren’t, you would’ve been elbow-deep in a gallon of ice cream before you even checked Instagram.

It’s okay. Let yourself feel a little sad and wistful, then move on. Frame your feelings differently – all these people you know are happy in love, so there is indeed hope for you. It’s okay to have confused emotions for a bit, but then suck it up and get over it. Life is too short to wallow in some imagined state of mediocrity. You’re awesome, so get out there and slay!

There’s so much more to the world than being in love with one person. Love yourself. Love everyone. Love the world. Love your life! When you get there, you’ll be so happy that you’ll hardly notice your relationship status. Then, and only then, will you give off the right energy to attract the partner you deserve.

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