Happy National Cleavage Day

Girl Power

Ladies, Enjoy! And men, yes you have the next 24 hour…or 12 now, to stare at our beautiful, alluring cleavage…cause YES its National Cleavage day.

No, Hallmark did not create this holiday…but Wonderbra does sponsor it.

This is actually the 10th anniversary of the this beauteous, sensual day of appreciating each women’s unique beauty and curves.  In 2002, South Africa initiated the holiday as a way to help and support those suffering from leukemia and other blood diseases.

So ladies, when picking your outfit today, if the choice is between a low cut top or a lower v-neck… choose the bustier instead. Love and trot out your cleavage today.

Oh yeah, and if you see a man staring at your hot, beautiful boobies.  Come on, give him his one day when it is okay to enjoy the top of your tata’s.  It is for a good cause after all. But make sure he knows that tomorrow it will be totally inappropriate, unless he is your boyfriend, husband, or boytoy (no judgement).

Your Welcome!

Dirty and Thirty


  1. Jeffrey says:

    Very nice Steffy! I didn’t know that there were two of the best days of the year in march! (my birthday, and cleavage day!)

  2. El Guapo says:

    Best day of the year! Just took the Cleavage Challenge at http://www.cubetitans.com, Awesome! Gallery at the end is glorious!

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