How I Fell in Love (with Myself) in 30 Days

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Love is blind. Or so they say. I think self-love is even blinder. Why? Because most of us aren’t thinking about the relationship we have with ourselves on a daily basis. There may be things we like about ourselves but don’t take the time to profess it. Ever happen to you? Just like any relationship, we can fall out of love with ourselves when all we see or look for are negative traits. Here’s a thought: What if we all made a conscious effort to change that?


To be honest, it took some time for me to come to the realization that we all are just LOVE. I believe that once we can see that in our self we can see that in others and everything else in life!


The process of this revelation began in January of this year, when my friends showed me videos of something called “the rice experiment” on YouTube. It was so shocking that I had to try it myself. For those of you who haven’t heard of it: The idea is to boil a pot of rice and put a cup of rice in three different cups. Then, every day, for thirty days, you tell one cup you love it, the other you hate it and you don’t say anything to the third cup; just ignore it completely. After a few days of doing this, my love cup was still the same, the hate cup was getting brown and the cup that I didn’t say anything to was getting mold and smelled awful. At first, I was shocked, but then I realized the true power and potential of love and it sparked an idea:


If the power of love could affect something as simple as a cup of grain then it must have the ability to have a profound affect on a human being. Then and there, standing above the three cups of rice I decided to do what has come to be known as the #30daysselflove challenge.


For 30 days straight I recorded videos of myself talking to myself, giving me positive affirmations and words of love. I felt a breakthrough in my love life, my career and myself. After 30 days I watched all the videos, for the first time, and noticed the change in my appearance, my mannerisms and myself as each day progressed. I instantly knew this was my calling and that I had to share this with anyone and everyone who wanted to find true self-love.


From there I created a compilation video and uploaded it to YouTube. The rest is history! Hundreds of people have watched and hundreds are joining the movement every day. The goal for this movement is simple: to prove to others and the world that love and happiness starts with yourself.


I encourage ANYONE who’s struggling with falling back in love with yourself to fix your relationship and get started. Here’s how you can make it happen:


  • Record: Grab your Smart Phone (or any device you can record yourself with) and record yourself in a quiet, safe place, every day for 30 days
  • Say I Love You: The most important message to tell yourself is “I love you.” Say it loud and often
  • Share: Sharing a video or two with others will help you stay accountable and committed to completing the 30 days. I created a hashtag for this, so anyone who needs support will have it through the power of social media: #30daysselflove. You can upload your videos and use the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram. You can also upload your video to
  • Connect: Connect with all the other self-lovers and show them your support. We’re all in this amazing journey together. There are a ton of other people just like you who are fixing their
  • See the Change: Sit back. Relax and see the changes that happen in your world because of the love you feel in yourself.

Guest blog by Sarah Karges

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Here is my original video:

Dirty and Thirty


  1. nicole says:

    This is such a beautiful and inspiring social movement. Glad to see Sarah is inspiring others to harness the power of social media to keep everyone on track for completing the 30 Days Self Love Challenge. Love and kudos to all who’ve started/completed their 30 days. HUGE!

  2. Sarah Z. says:

    This is amazing! I am so inspired and I can’t wait to get started and fall in love with myself too. Thank you for this gift Sarah K.

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