F*ck You, The Notebook

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Guest post: Alisa Kasmer


Fuck You, The Notebook

Fuck that movie. Fuck you Rachel McAdams. Fuck you Ryan Gosling. Fuck you too, James Garner and Gena Rowlands. Yeah, I said it. Fuck you for ruining my perfectly enjoyable evening out with friends. I came home to find your stupid movie on. It had just started. I fuckin’ got sucked in. Oh, I knew what I was in for. “Only 20 minutes more” I kept telling myself at each commercial break. I’ve seen this fuckin’ movie enough times to know what will happen when I get to the end. Yet fuck me, 2 hours later, I’m crying. Crying like a stupid baby. Fuck you ABC Family for ruining my evening by laying in a pool of my own tears wishing love like that could truly exist. Fuck you Nicholas Sparks for ruining every girl’s sensible dream of meeting a guy who is just fine enough, and settling. We’re supposed to be finding our soul mates? The one who for years we can’t stop thinking about and then magically come back into our lives and live happily ever after? Shit, we even die together holding hands in bed? Fuck you.

This movie should be rated NC-17. Girls should not be able to watch this movie without an adult present. No young woman should go into her formidable years believing any of this will happen to them. And to those idiotic women who choose to watch this fuckin’ movie over and over again, and cry like a fool cause its just so god damn beautiful to watch because OMG they love each other sooo much and cannot live without each other and OMG soul mates DO exist and OMG I fuckin’ love this movie and want to watch it again, right now… gotta go! bye!

P.S. Ryan Gosling… CALL ME!

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  1. Amy says:

    Awwww man, that shit is funny! Bahaha! I agree!

  2. Adam Hennessey says:

    A while ago, I met the guy who edited that movie, he came to give a lecture when I was in school for editing. At that point in time, I was sorting out some career options going into a new field and I asked him, “Can you make a marriage work in the field of editing,.” He sighed, and said. “Yeah, its real hard though.” He told me, he would come home from editing it, and just pass out from exhaustion.

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