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How can someone truly call themselves a fan when they don’t pay for their music and or pay for the film that they pirate off the internet? How can we support the hundreds of artists and sweat and tears that go into a project, if people won’t spend a rough $1 for a song!?

I don’t get it and I am here to say, WTF?!

Ok, we are not perfect human beings and if we can get a song for free here and there that is one thing BUT to be honest not paying is a slap in the face. I know from experience. I haven’t released my EP yet to the world BUT there will be a day that I do. Let me just share some insight to what actually goes into ONE SONG.

First of all a song evolves over time and gathers a life of its own. When you are an artist you spend thousands of dollars investing in your craft. Not only is it money but its the hours, days and years that you BLEED for your work. Everywhere I go, there is music in my head and I cannot stop expressing that voice. I don’t have a choice, it is a life purpose a calling if you wish. Anyhow, I spend all my thoughts and hard earned money on my craft. Here are some things that cost money (mind you this is only music and what I have experienced personally, not including film):

Vocal training $75-$200 an hour
Musical training $75+
Performance training $75+
Rehearsal time $40+ an hour
Studio time $100-$500 an hour
Hiring your musicians $30 an hour $100 a show EACH
Production $1000 a song (thats a good price)
Mastering $100-$150 a song
Promo shots $200-$700 a shoot
Website development $500 +
Small tour estimation $10,000-$20,000
Equipment $1000’s
Vocal Doctors $300 a session
Wardrobe $endless
Distribution and Printing $1000
Merchandise $endless
Attorney $bucks
Management $gets a cut
Music video $3000+

Anyway, I hope you get my point. I’ve read that an independent artist now a days will invest something between $20,000 – $50,000 plus before even getting a cent.

And yet the public has an issue with spending a buck a song that they will listen to for years and maybe forever? I promise I will offer free downloads for promotion because its only fair, but if I offer you my musical soul you can offer me a dollar. Otherwise SHAME ON YOU. Tit for tat baby.

Down on piracy, respect and support the ART that the ARTIST’S cannot help but continue to create for themselves, the world and especially YOU the fan.

We need you. Fans are everything.

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Sarah Agajanian
Sarah Agajanian is an artist and writer of many forms in Los Angeles, CA. She owns her own business called Rock N' Brows + Makeup in Beverly Hills, holding a reputation as a leading eyebrow sculptor to Hollywoods most elite Her nights are busy with performing/recording her music with her band project ESEMAE. A singer/songwriter/musician she is, determined to express her creative self as much as possible! ESEMAE frequents: The Viper Room, Foundation Room, Harvelles, Bar Lubitsch, Witzend, Troubadour and many more! Follow her on social media for all the music and beauty possible.


  1. Ithinkimgod says:

    LOL………as a fellow musician myself, here’s what I have to say…..

    Vocal Lessons – Never took any, and it doesn’t stop me from getting on stage

    Web Development – I am a trained Web Developer/Graphic Designer. I cut those costs by doing it myself. Going to college for that has somewhat paid off in that area.

    Studio Time – I do what everyone else does and cheats. I own my own equipment and I use that to cut off studio time.

    Songwriters/Composers – I don’t need them. Record label makes more off them, and they hate it when an artist writes or composes their own material.

    Wardrobe – Thrift Store

    Musical Training – Self Taught

    Performance training – no formal training, but speaking on stage since I was a child

    Rehearsal time – sometimes I don’t even rehearse before a show

    Studio time – I own studio equipment, and not the shitty kind either. Pro-Mixers and that sort of crap.

    Hiring your musicians – I am all aspects of the musician from the producer, composer, vocalist, etc

    Production – I produce my own songs

    Mastering – I do that too, or get my friend to do it and he’s a sound guy too

    Promo shots – If you know the right people, then a promo shot is not a problem for a fraction of your price

    Small tour estimation – just gas money in my case……….that and bookings

    Equipment – again, I own my equipment

    Vocal Doctors – none needed

    Distribution and Printing – Did I mention that I am a trained Graphic Designer?

    Merchandise – well there are cheap ways to get through that

    Attorney – yes this one costs some cash

    Management – unless you manage yourself, then they get bucks too

    Music video – yes, this is where the bucks come in handy

    Now I may have not invested as much as you or others……..but I have been approached by record companies…….and ALL of them want to impose their shit on me like using their songwriters, or their producers, or whatever.

    The moral of the story is, you still have to invest……….but not as much as you have estimated!

  2. Dear “I think I’m god” great for you for not having to INVEST as much as I have estimated BUT you would agree that it would be WONDERFUL if people payed for the work/time and energy that you have put into your tunes? I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t want to be compensated.

    BTW thank you for responding:)

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