Don’t Say No to Sunday Funday! You Could Meet Tom Jones!

Girl Power

I know you’ve been working your ass off this past few weeks to get bikini and day party ready, but sometimes you feel blah even after your morning power yoga class.

DirtyandThirty Rule #1 – do NOT skip your day party!

Sunday Funday is one of my absolute favorite things about summer and I have the T-Shirt to prove it.  So never sit at home and skip out on the fun because you’re not feeling at your super hottest!  Instead, skip out on the chips and carbonated drinks.  They only make you bloated.  Stick with veggies and wine and stand up straight.  Our mothers stayed on us about perfect posture for a reason.  It makes a huge difference not only in your appearance, but also in how you are perceived.

DirtyandThirty Rule #2 – Switch up your look!

Feel free to make some costume changes throughout the day.  Trade in your hat and sunglasses for fun coverups and headbands.  Hey, wardrobe changes are fun and they spice up your Instagram 🙂

Trinh King, Stuart Brazell, Yoi Tanabe

Trinh King, Stuart Brazell, Yoi Tanabe

DirtyandThirty Rule #3 – Do Talk to Strangers

Meeting people while having fun in the sun is much better than in a dark nightclub.  You’ll get a much better idea of how your new crush really looks… and if you’re lucky he’ll be shirtless too.  Plus men of all ages like to get out during the day, just yesterday I was hanging with Tom Freaking Jones!! Yeah, as in Mr. Sexbomb and What’s New Pussycat himself!

Tom Jones and Stuart Brazell

Tom Jones and Stuart Brazell

P.S. My favorite thing in this picture is the 2 guys in the back …. they’re all pass some our way Mr Jones!

So stand loud, proud and confident – own it bitches! Oh, and do have fun responsibly (no excuses, take a freaking uber)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I respect your work , thanks for all the great posts .

  2. Herb says:

    Seriously how good do you look in that bikini. Sunday Funday indeed.

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