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Time to show off those legs! Let’s get those gams looking lean and ready for shorts and bikinis!

For this legs workout, you are going to do each exercise for 30 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds while you get ready for the next exercise. You can go through this circuit 2-3 times and incorporate it into your other workout routines.

If you need more of a challenge, bump up the exercise work time to 45 seconds -1 minute. Make it your goal to bump up the weight each time you do the circuit. You may want to have a couple sets of weight (i.e. 5lbs to 20lbs+) available, because you may be able to use heavier weight for certain exercises. Remember, your legs are stronger than your think and can handle heavier weights.

Your legs will love you for this!

Legs Circuit: 30 seconds on / 10 rest (Total: 5min 20sec)

• Squats Kicks • Right Lunge • Pile Squat • Left Lunge

• Lean backs • Single leg deadlift right • Single leg deadlift left • Calf raises

Safety Tips: -Take breaks as needed the first time through. If you haven’t done legs in a while, start with 5lb-8lbs weights and work your way up. -Keep those knees in line with your ankle…don’t let your knees go past the toes to prevent injury. -During the single leg deadlifts, keep that core tight to protect that lower back.

Tiffany Angulo
Born and raised southern Californian. Tiffany is the co-founder of The Pretty Little Lifters.
She wants to inspire people to make healthy changes to their lifestyle, become active & fit for life, and to feel & look good.

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