Summer Side Hustles for Entrepreneurs


Are you looking for ways to earn a couple of extra bucks this summer? We have good news! There are tons of ways to earn money and have fun without leaving your full-time job. Regardless of where you live or what you do for a living, you likely have a skill, talent or service to offer your community — either virtually or in person. Depending on which hustle you decide upon, earning that extra cash flow might not even take that much time or effort.

From more time-consuming side hustles to ones you can accomplish in a few hours, here are a few you might consider taking on this summer.

1. Drive for Uber

While driving for Uber or Lyft may not be the most entrepreneurial move, it can still be a very lucrative summer side hustle. As patio bars open and people begin spending their evenings enjoying the fresh air, people will begin hiring rideshare services to transport them safely around town. If you live in a busy metropolitan area like New York City or Chicago, you could rake in as much as a few hundred dollars on the weekends.

2. Deliver for GrubHub

Along the same vein, you might also deliver takeout orders for GrubHub, Doordash or a similar meal delivery service. This side hustle can be quite profitable if you live in a college town or big city where people would rather not drive to get food. Deliver whenever you’re available and switch off your availability with the press of a button. Much like ridesharing services, your work schedule is in your hands.

3. Rent Your Space on Air BnB

If you have a summer lakehouse or an extra room in your home, consider renting it out on Air Bnb. Listing your space on the app is free and relatively easy. Plus, you can set the price and change it as you see fit. Depending on where your space is and how often tourists visit the area, you may make a few thousand dollars each month by simply renting it out. All you’ll have to do is clean up after guests.

4. Tutor Virtually

No matter where you live, you can tutor online. From teaching English to kids overseas to helping local students learn to read, virtual tutoring is flexible and profitable. Plus, you won’t have to spend money on gas traveling to homes or schools. Moreover, the parents will likely be willing to pay top dollar if you can help their kids learn more advanced math or learning, so don’t be afraid to hike up your price.

5. Become a Camp Counselor

If you’d rather teach kids about the great outdoors, consider becoming a camp counselor for the summer. Each week, you’ll meet a new group of kids excited to learn and explore art, sports, aquatics and nature. In addition to teaching them new skills and facts about their surroundings, you’ll also ensure they stay healthy and safe during their camp experience. For your hard work and dedication, you’ll likely earn $250 or more each week.

6. Give Music Lessons

Do you play the piano, guitar or other musical instruments? If so, consider teaching music lessons to kids or even adults in your local vicinity. Those with a basic knowledge of the instrument who choose to teach children typically charge $25 to $30 for a half-hour or hour-long session. However, if you’re a musical genius and plan to teach more advanced courses, you might charge upwards of $100 per hour.

7. Design Logos

Embrace your artistic side and start designing your own logos. You might make ones for your own brand or draw some up for friends with small businesses or their own side hustles. Additionally, you could make fun designs for decals, stickers, mugs and more and sell them on social media platforms. You might even go so far as to open an Etsy shop to display your creations and earn more revenue.

8. Walk Dogs

Even in the heat of summer, Fido still needs to go out for a potty break and exercise. Create an account on Wag or Rover to start walking local dogs or start your own dog walking business. The latter would entail fewer fees and legalities. Plus, you’d get to know all the dogs in the neighborhood while their owners pay you to walk them when they don’t want to brave the sun and heat themselves.

Find What Works for You

Summer side hustles only last for a season, so it’s best to pick something that’ll help you make money fast. Analyze your own skillset to determine what services you might be able to sell. Then, choose a skill you already have or can learn to do quickly. If you do discover you actually love your side hustle, you can always make it your full-time job. For now, though, just focus on narrowing your options, choosing one and running with it.

Jennifer Landis
Jennifer Landis is a wife, mom, writer, and healthy living blogger. She enjoys longs walks around the block with her toddler, prefers tea over coffee, and eats way too much peanut butter. You can find more from Jennifer on her blog, or follow her on Twitter @JenniferELandis

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