She Did (The FINALE) GIRLS, Ep. 10.

Dirty Hollywood

Anybody ever been to a surprise wedding before, had a previously unavailable boy jump into wanting to live with you in a mini timeframe, or made out with someone you would chastise your friends for even considering?  Maybe one of the above, otherwise I think we just had a run-in with the far-fetched fairy.  Although I am going to be there on the couch, eyeballs glued to the TV for Season 2 cause it’s “gonna be an eyes wide shut party, gettin’ that vibe.”


I love Ray’s character. “Don’t just think, that’s an extremely unattractive feature of your generation.”  Yes!  There are so many ideas and there’s not enough action!  You know what I like even more?  Ray and Shoshanna’s developing relationship.  “You are the strangest person. You are so raw and open.  You vibrate on a very strange frequency.”  “Are you punking me?”  “It’s very confusing for me too.”


And yes, I still can’t get enough of Adam’s character and the man who plays him. “I’m very moved.  People finding each other, taking shelter.  I’m very moved.”  So all of a sudden Adam is a head-over-heels, can’t wait to move in, lovesick puppy?  Hmmm… “I didn’t think you were into that.”  “Into what?  Love?”  Yeah, well, I think I kinda have my own stuff to focus on besides just a relationship. “I don’t want to flip out on you at a surprise wedding right now.  If you want to fuck me from behind, at least pull my hair back.”


Speaking of which, how hot was that scene between Marnie and her ex, Charlie. “What do people even do at weddings?  We should just like go fuck in the bathroom.”  Um, Charlie, here is my number. “Yeah totally, I’ll just sit on the sink and you can fuck me really quickly.”  What a great ex line.  Let’s cut to the chase, you know we’re both thinking it.  How about an even more appropriate ex line? I was totally kidding.  You were kidding right?  Good, glad you were kidding cause I was totally kidding, about kidding.


Although these gentleman characters may be exhilarating, it’s our friendships that hold it all together. “I love you, you’re so fuckin’ gross lying there on the bathroom floor.”  Expanding on her spontaneous connection, Jessa actually shares a profound truth.  “Your dreams are not what you thought they’d be.”  They’re grander! “I’ve never been so happy, I feel like I’m sleeping in a rosebud.”  Little did Hannah know she’d end the night (or morning) in Coney Island, without a purse and possibly without a boyfriend.  “I’m very scared.  I’m scared all the time.”  Well, you know what Hannah? “Join the fuckin’ club.”


And with that I say, hey, GIRLS, “you love yourself so much so why is it so crazy that someone else would too?”

Sharmila Sahni

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