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Besides loving books, I am a big fan of music! When I had the chance to interview Streets of Laredo for Dirty and Thirty I was super excited! The band is currently on tour and we had an exclusive chance to chat with Sarahjane about the band’s musical style and tastes. Rock on and read on to find out more about your new favorite band.

How do you describe your musical style?

We subscribe to a philosophy of following the quan of a song, the groove if it, let the song be what it wants to be. As a result, there’s a wide scope in terms of our style. The thread that runs through it all is our personalities and influences. There’s some folk in there, some pop sensibilities and some fruit. Put all that into a blender and you have a Streets of Laredo song. 

What can listeners expect from your album?

11 songs written, recorded and performed by Streets of Laredo. Some artwork, a whole bunch of lyrics, copyright and publishing information and some thank you’s to a group of people you most probably don’t know. 😉

What can fans expect from your tour?

A good time and most importantly a connection. We love playing live, it’s the pay off for all the hard work. You get to see first hand if what you’ve created moves the audience. I think because we love it so much, there’s always a good vibe at our live shows. We want it to be an experience, a happening, for us and the fans. 

Any backstage rituals before a show?

I wish I could tell you something strange and interesting like Leonard Cohen making his whole team do a Latin chant, or Keith Richards requiring a homemade Shepards pie, but the only thing Streets of Laredo consistently does before a show is partake in some type of alcohol. Maybe I’ll try and get something started on our next tour…a pie would actually be a great start. 

What’s next and exciting for you guys?

We’re off on tour with The Strokes’ Nick Valensi’s new band CRX in November, which is one of those great scenarios where you get to play with a band that you really love. They blew me away when I first heard them play in Brooklyn. We’re also looking at going over to Europe for a tour and maybe back down to the Southern Hemisphere. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been home to New Zealand so I’m really excited.

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Aurora Dominguez
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