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GIRLS, Episode 2

“What about the stuff that gets up around the sides of condoms?” Hannah questions. Now she’s wondering if she has an STD. Jessa is set to have an abortion. Marnie can’t stand the boring sex she’s having and Shoshanna blurts out that she is, in fact, a virgin. Oh GIRLS. The extremes and the in-betweens give everybody something to relate to or decry.

A friend of mine was discussing GIRLS with an acquaintance who was saying she didn’t like how the girls disrespected themselves and therefore didn’t care for the show. She asked what it said about these characters. It’s disheartening to watch the opening scene where Hannah is having sex with a guy who could care less about her but I’m willing to bet a decent amount of girls find themselves in this situation and put up with it, not having enough respect for themselves. It’s important for people to see and maybe feel sick about. Maybe they’ll see something in themselves or their situation. When Hannah and Adam are finished, she says, “That was good. I almost came.” Leave it to Dunham to interject a little humor with truth.

Shoshanna finally bursts out with the truth about her virginity after plugging a book on what ladies need to know in the previous scene. Marnie embodies the kind of girl who makes good guys go bad and Jessa is so upset about her pending abortion, she turns to the habits that landed her there in the first place, only to find out she doesn’t need to worry at all. Sometimes ladies, in order to go up, you first have to find yourselves down.

The last two lines of the episode express it perfectly. “Is that painful? Yeah but only in the way it’s supposed to be.” Exactly how I felt about this episode.

Sharmila Sahni
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  1. Ithinkimgod says:

    I will give them something real to worry about, I will knock them all up and they can all gossip to each other about it!

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