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Being a huge music and So You Think You Can Dance fan, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview music artist Mikey Wax whose song ‘Counting on You’ will be featured as the elimination song on tonight’s episode and on the finale 9/18.  Mikey gives us the dirt on his music, dating and of course ‘DirtyThirty’ women!  Enjoy 🙂

So you’re a music artist, what’s that like?

Writing songs and playing music is something I’ve been doing all my life and what I love to do. Performing for my fans and meeting them on the road has been so much fun. However, like any job it has its ups and downs. The music business is very challenging, and with all the traveling, its definitely a different lifestyle from most the friends I grew up with.

Where can we find your music?

My music is on iTunes and Amazon, but I’m also very active on twitter (@mikeywax) and Facebook (

Has your career made it easier or harder to date?

I definitely get to meet a lot of different women on the road, but it’s probably harder in terms of dating. I had a really serious girlfriend a few years ago, but I knew right then how difficult it would be to keep a balance when all my focus was towards starting my music career. I tend to save all my “dating” now for when I’m off tour and have a few months back home in nyc. I think a part of me is hoping for that free-spirited girl who will join me on the road though…kind of like Kate Hudson in Almost Famous.

What’s your best dating story?

Oh man….Here’s a good one. I was on a date with a girl for the first time. We’re a few drinks in, still feeling the situation out, when some random guy walks over with a blue-ish stone. He said it was a lucky stone, and that it has brought his life incredible sex. This is a Monday night in NYC keep in mind…so we’re staring at him like he’s crazy. He parted by saying he “saw” something in the girl and I, and put the stone in her hand. All I’m gonna say is 5 minutes after he walked away we were making out…

What advice do you have for women looking to land their dream guy?

I think in any situation, it’s about being comfortable in your own skin,  knowing who you are and what makes you happy. I don’t know if I have that figured out yet, but I’m learning slowly and surely. Very slowly.

Tell us about your experience with ‘DirtyThirty’ women.

I’m 26, but have dated a few women in their thirties. All the experiences have been great so far….Dirty thirty women are beautiful and there is a whole lot less bs involved. A little bs is good though, cause I need something to write songs about.

What remains the biggest mystery to you about women?

It might be hard to pinpoint just one. A woman’s memory and attention to detail is something I continue to be fascinated by. I think it serves mainly just to put men in their place. Also a woman’s emotions are just an incredible mystery to me. The balance of sensitivity with unmatched outbursts of anger and passion…it’s a beautiful mystery.

What are your turn offs/pet peeves?

A turn off for me is someone overly opinionated. I’m not talking about a girl who will people-watch with me and make up ridiculous stories about someone else just as they walk by. I’m talking about the girl who constantly talks negatively about others, especially her “friends”.

What attracts you to a woman?

I’m a face-first kind of guy. A pretty face and a great smile can steal me right away. That being said, I also like my women how I like my guitars. So you will have to interpret that your own way through a picture of me with my guitar.

When can we see you in concert?

I’m touring consistently, and have 4 east-coast shows coming up in October. My career also got started by performing private house concerts all around the country for groups of 25 friends or more, and I’m always open to set something up….especially for some beautiful dirty thirty women.  you can sign up for a house concert at my website (

Anything else? Parting words?

It’s all in the lyrics. I’m sure I’m not that hard to figure out… 🙂

Here is the official music video:

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