Mark Zuckerberg is not 30 yet, but he is definitely dirty (in the good way).

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Well, he may not be thirty yet, but Mark Zuckerberg is definitely dirty (in the good way). Not only did his 100 billion dollar company go public on Friday at $38 dollars a share on the NASDAQ, he also just married his long time girlfriend, Priscilla Chan.  The couple kept it very hush-hush, breaking the news after the deed on (yes, you guessed it) facebook when he and Chan changed their facebook status to married, skipping engaged all together.

Zuckerberg and Chan met while attending undergrad at Harvard University. Chan just gradated from UCSF School of Medicine on Zuckerberg’s 28th b-day this past Monday. Who says you can’t have it all…career, love, education, money? Whatever everyone has to say about Zuckerberg, good or bad, the fact is…he is a genius and has brought our generation to whole new level of communication.  Congrats to the newly married couple and newly public company.

I don’t think we need to send them a congrats gift, we have definitely shared more than enough with them :).

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