Ignorance Is Bliss

Dirty Hollywood

Girls love romance. And we also love romantic comedies. Guys do too, but they’re less willing to admit to it. Probably because they know if they admit to actually loving all of that romance stuff, they might actually have to put in the same effort that as of now only exists in the movies. Hence, why women love romantic comedies so damn much.

The problem with living in Hollywood, is that sometimes you bump into your favorite actor at the gym or at Starbucks or out at a club or bar. You think you know them. I frequently say things like an enthusiastic, “Hello!” To which they reply a much less enthusiastic, “Hey.” I one time grabbed onto Leo DiCaprio’s arm and just gazed longingly into his eyes for what seemed like an eternity before he shook me loose. I definitely felt a connection though – I’m pretty sure he did too.

So anyway, I was out at (insert local hot spot here) the other night and ran into none other than the extremely swoon-worthy Zac Efron. He just happens to be coming out with a movie that all my girlfriends and I are going to see this weekend and that he looks totally hot in. So imagine my surprise when I see him in person and he’s wearing a green sweatshirt, baggy jeans and a green beanie (ew) and unfortunately like most actors in person, is really really short. He was quickly ushered to a back room so I didn’t have an opportunity to latch onto his arm, but part of me wishes he would have only existed to me in, The Lucky One. Then I could’ve continued to imagine that if I wore heels out on our date, he would still be taller than me.

I know a million girls would love to meet Zac Efron or their favorite actor/actress in person, but trust me, if these actors only exist to you the way they’re portrayed onscreen in your favorite movies, YOU’RE the lucky one. In Hollywood – ignorance really is bliss.

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  1. Ithinkimgod says:

    Ignorance IS bliss! Actors are NOBODIES in real life, just people. The fact that they did productions that you respect is great……….but………….they are just actors/actresses in the end.

    In terms of trying to educate people away from ignorance……………..I found that out not only the hard way, but the scary way when I found actual dirt on a major record label spreading lies on the radio and media…………..and they threatened to sue me!

    I bet Leo remembers you as another crazy stalker lol! If I was famous, I wouldn’t have no problem shaking you off my arms 🙂

  2. Ithinkimgod says:

    actually I wrote that wrong, I meant to say that I would have no problem “keeping you” on my arms, not “shaking off”………….damn there’s no paragraph edit on here

  3. Adam Hennessey says:

    That happens in this town, I had a celebrity encounter at the gym a while ago, Megan Fox held the door for me. I did not realize it until everybody in the gym was looking at me as I walked through the door. I felt really uncomfortable, and wondered why is everybody starring at me? Then I did a double take and almost had a nervous break down, I was flipping channels on the TV and Transformers was on HBO before I went to the gym. So for a moment I thought somebody had put LSD in my gatorade or I needed to get my eyes checked. I have been in LA a while and don’t get star struck. It was more the fact that this person who I just saw in 2D a half an hour before, I now saw in 3D and my brain couldn’t make the connection. So after, I talked to one of the trainers and asked if it was her, because I told the trainer I thought I was having a nervous breakdown. He responded by saying, “Yes, we not supposed to talk about our members but she does come in here from time to time.” I thanked him and he told me, “I was not having a nervous breakdown.”

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