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With October in full swing, Halloween will be here in no time, and unless you want to go to a spectacular party with a costume you came up half an hour before the actual event, you better start gathering ideas and costume elements, well, right about now, as it’s never too early to start if you strive towards perfection. Now, as no one approaches Halloween costumes, and partying, for that matter, like our favorite celebs, we decided that today we would help you come up with a sizzling hot costume idea based on what your favorite celebs have adorned themselves for the past several years. We did only pick the hottest ones, as clearly implied by the title, so get ready to be wowed first and then find a way to recreate the look second.

Powerpuff girl all grown-up

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Although we didn’t think this was possible, supermodel Kendall Jenner has made a Powerpuff girl not only all grown up but smoking hot, dare we say. The best part about this costume (and yes, you’re allowed to reveal a little more skin on this particular night) is that it’s totally doable and doesn’t even require that much work. All you need is a green bikini top and a leather jacket in the matching color. The fishnet sleeve blouse is optional, but if you can find one, all the better. Then, all you need to complete the look is a black mini skirt – distressed or not, a few bold chain belts and thigh-high boots. Of course, green highlights are a definite must, but if you can’t find a spray hair paint, there are always stores where you can find a green bob wig and you’re done.

This should be easy

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If you have curves and you want to show them off, take a cue from Demi Lovato and go for a simple, but oh, my lord, such effective costume. Namely, back in 2017, Lovato partied dressed up as the legendary Selena, and it really doesn’t take a lot to achieve this look. If you already have long dark hair, you’re halfway there, and if not – to the wig store you go. As far as the outfit, you just need a purple jumpsuit with a plunging neckline and a flared hemline, platform boots, Selena’s trademark red lip and you will be the talk of the party.

Scary and hot

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A little frightening element is what Halloween is all about so don’t be afraid of taking things a little over the top, like Khloe Kardashian did in 2017 when she went as Storm from X-Men. Now, as this is a more elaborate costume, a little more effort is necessary. You will need some silver hair and face paint, intimidating and effective Halloween contact lenses, but when it comes to the attire, unless you happen to own a cape, patent leather boots and a vinyl bodysuit, we suggest you start hunting and go to every good costume shop out there. X-Men are incredibly popular so it won’t be hard to find, just make sure you hit the stores on time because you know all the best costumes are grabbed really quickly, so make sure you’re the one who gets it.

As hot as it gets

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We all know Heidi Klum is the queen of Halloween costumes because she goes out, and we mean really all out. When it was her turn to be Jessica Rabbit, she had implants on her chest and face, she completely transformed her face and was absolutely the real-life version of the cartoon seductress. Now, we mere mortals can’t afford to go to these lengths but as clearly shown by Alessandra Ambrosio, we don’t even have to. You can take a much easier route and still be recognized as Miss Rabbit (and still look smoking hot) by putting on a sparkling red dress with a high slit, a pair of long purple gloves and red pumps. Obviously, the easy-to-find red wig is a definite must, but all of these items are easy to find. You probably have friends who have a similar dress – perhaps you have one yourself, and the rest is a piece of cake.

Who says yellow isn’t sexy?

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We never thought we would say this, but there actually is a way of making Marge Simpson sexy. How? Just look at Emily Ratajkowski. All Marge really needed to turn from a plain yellow mom to a sexy yellow woman is a bodycon tube-top dress, a little (a lot) of yellow body paint and a wig. Sure, the body painting will require some time, and probably a friend to help you reach your back, but as soon as the paint dries, just put on some makeup, throw on that sky-high blue wig and show them that Marge doesn’t come to play, she comes to slay.

Life in plastic is fantastic

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Okay, we couldn’t possibly end our hot ideas list without a touch of pink as it is one of the most popular colors in the world. Besides, what girl would pass up the chance to dress like her favorite childhood doll? Barbie has always been hot, no matter what version she came in, but her most recognizable version is the one in pink, and Rita Ora certainly did her proud. We can totally bet you have a short pink leather jacket in your closet, and since stores are swarming with pink dresses, you won’t have any trouble finding one that accentuates all your curves. Finally, the 99 cent store must have a pink tiara, and on your way back, swing by a toy store, pick up a fluffy white dog toy and make sure to speak in a soft and gentle voice and be as delicate and feminine as Barbie is.

Some costumes are easy to pull off, others may require some additional effort, but it will all be worth it when you show up at the party looking hot and innovative, so happy hunting and remember to prepare on time.


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