Girls, Season 2, Episode 3: ‘Bad Friend’
by dirtyandthirty

I’ll take one neon see-through mesh shirt, one Mr. Booth Jonathan and a writing assignment from my editor asking me to do coke please.  Wow, GIRLS just got good again.  And strange and weird, just how I like it.  The drug-fueled journey episode: my favorite.

The episode opens on Hannah interviewing and already getting a job assignment, asking her to delve outside her comfort zone.  She’s directed to look at the wall where a box labeled “comfort zone” has an arrow outside of it pointing to “where the magic happens.”  Who doesn’t want to be where the magic happens?  On the other hand, what kind of an editor suggests railing lines of coke or propositioning people on Craigslist about a potential threesome just to get a juicy article?  Probably more editors than we realize.  But really, what kind of girl actually takes her suggestion?  That’s a situation you can only get caught up in, in your 20’s.  I’m so glad Hannah did because it made for some very entertaining TV.

“Is there any rule that says we can’t just start doing the coke right now, circa 4pm?”  “There’s just human decency.”  Where did human decency ever get anyone?  Nowhere interesting I presume.  Enter a cocaine-sponsored roller coaster.  “Let’s write the list on these walls!” Elijah screams.  “Clearly,” Hannah retorts as she writes on her bedroom wall with a marker.

Meanwhile Marnie and Booth gaze at his dollhouse, detailed with real blood, before heading to his masterpiece, the TV art installation, which he urges her to get in.  Disturbing images flash on multiple TV sets stacked high around her, juxtaposed with a Duncan Sheik ballad, encasing Marnie in madness, while Booth is out making espresso and hammering on weird stuffed animals until he deems it over and rescues her.  Shaken, she crawls out, with the best line in the show.  “What the fuck man.  What the fuck?”  A pause.  “You’re so fucking talented.”  Marnie is gullible and naïve and broken down so easily, the perfect prey for Booth, who has obviously tried this one before and succeeded.

“I don’t care!  I love it!”  Pop lyrics over catchy beats blare while Hannah and Elijah, sweaty and high, dance their asses off as the sexiest non-sexual couple on the scene.  Ripping lines off the toilet seat, they declare how much they love each other; the conversation escalating into total honesty and concluding with Elijah’s confession: his two pumps with Marnie.  Every high must have a low.


Booth, making it farther with Marnie than two pumps, yells, “Give me everything.  Let me control you.  Look at the doll.  Look at her!  Describe her!”  No you’re wrong, this is what she’s really feeling!  What in the hell?  I couldn’t help but love how bizarre this episode was.  Even better?  Hannah, Elijah and Laird showing up at Booth’s front gate, Elijah grinding the hell out of his teeth, holding onto the gate and asking, “Is this a bank?”  There’s really nothing better than Dunham’s drug-fueled episodes.  Marnie exclaiming about the junkie when he walks in and Hannah, countering, “He’s not a junkie.  You were misinformed.  He’s clean and basically my guardian angel.”  Dunham, where do you get your inspiration?  It’s all so perfectly chaotic, hilarious, and yet unnervingly truthful. I’m happy you had that editor Dunham, she made you a star.


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