GIRLS, Ep. 8, Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too

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So this time around I watched GIRLS with boys.  And it made me wonder if GIRLS is too one-sided.  I was excited when I first saw it because females were finally getting a voice.  There were issues and comments on those issues that guys maybe aren’t exposed to and I was happy they were getting out.  If boys aren’t watching GIRLS, what does it matter? Is it good enough because other girls are exposed to these experiences and can see they’re not alone?  Is it simply satisfying to express these thoughts and concerns even if only a couple guys hear them? Does every TV show have to have a message and not just be good entertainment?  If GIRLS was just good entertainment though, wouldn’t everybody watch it, not just girls?

Of course this episode had to be the one that was slow and ah, I hate to say it…kind of boring.  Do we necessarily want to see Hannah in a relationship?  We do but we don’t want to see the details.  She’s in one, good.  She got what she wanted.  Now let’s move on to juicier lives.  Are all couples in a relationship boring to watch?  It’s such a delightful thing but are we just bored when there’s no drama anymore?  Yes.  TV and film are the heightened, dramatic aspects of a person’s life and we were bored because we can see this anywhere at any time.  This is not what good TV is made of.


On the other hand, threesomes are what great TV is made of.  That’s what I want to watch.  There’s always some kind of drama cause hey, two’s company, three’s a crowd.  Marnie and Jessa making out, spilling wine, and ditching the wound-up venture capitalist was entertaining but I was left wanting more, and not in a good way.  The scene could have been captivating and hilarious but it just missed the mark.  I really, really want to like this show and I do, but it’s been hit or miss lately.  It’s the first season and there have definitely been hits so I’m going to attribute a few misses to Dunham finding her feet.  The show is new, it’s inventive, it’s bold.  Now it just has to percolate.


Before I leave you, one more thought.  Do weirdos really need girlfriends? “She’ll show you her tits if you give her some ice cream.”  How sweet.  If you like to pee on your girlfriend in the shower, yell at her to get out of bed with a loud ‘hey’, and share your temper with her out in the real world, maybe you’d be better off where you were, with casual sex. Or how about the weirdo with the normal venture capitalist job?  Does he really need a girlfriend?  Much less deserve a threesome? “Here I am” as he lies down with you on his $10k rug and creepily says, “Yes, just follow your instincts” as monkey sounds from his mash-up emanate from his speakers.  I’m going to have to go with no.  No, weirdos don’t need girlfriends.  Thanks for the lesson Dunham.

Guest Post: Sharmila Sahni


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