In Defense of Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad”

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I just got home from watching Suicide Squad and I am honestly in the mood to write about Harley Quinn. While critics have been slamming the movie and actress Margot Robbie as Quinn, I honestly thought her performance was amazingly fun and she really showcased a legit amount of girl power in the time she was given on screen. While certain publications slammed the character, I honestly loved her for so many reasons. Here’s my top three reasons why I loved Harley Quinn in the film Suicide Squad.


Skipping around in high stilettos while chasing the bad guys, laughing manically without her signature pig tails falling out of place, Margot plays Harley with an amazingly fun demeanor that will have you wanting for that Joker and Harley sequel. The character is truly one that is meant for fun and it’s shown in the film. Nothing wrong with a little summer blockbuster fun, and this film and her character is proof that we all gotta relax and enjoy the fun in life once in a while.


Without giving away any spoilers, I honestly feel like her character was quite the team player with the legion of villains that she was with and she showcases an inspiring attitude, with a side of lighthearted fun, that the character of Harley Quinn is meant to have. Surrounded by a fellow legion of bad guys, Harley plays her character with a great amount of sass with a side of cool that’s so much fun to watch.


We all know in the film the baddies are out to save the world, and there’s nothing more fun than seeing Harley break free and, in a girly moment, excited to see her box of clothes back in her possession. Who could blame her for wanting to keep herself stylish while fighting the evil in the world? This girl can rock a tee and short shorts like no one else’s business, and no one get in the way of her and her Puddin (The Joker)…for the rest, you need to totally catch the film in theaters today!

Will you be catching Suicide Squad? Do you love Harley Quinn and are you excited to see her character on screen? Let me know at @AuroraMiami and us know at @DirtyandThirty!





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