#Confession: My Mondays have become a bit routine: Work, Zumba, Dinner & Bachelor Pad 3. #GuiltyPleasure

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OK, I admit my Mondays have become a bit routine: I go to work, head to Zumba class after work, return home, make dinner and eat while watching one of America’s most unapologetic guilty pleasures: Bachelor Pad 3. If you know who Kalon, Blakeley and Erica Rose are, chances are you, too, are a victim of the Bachelor franchise.

I’m not sure what it is about this show, but I just can’t seem to turn the channel. Perhaps it’s the strategy and game aspect (couples compete for a grand prize of $250,000), or the opportunity to view and judge past contestants on who they hook up with during filming, or, better yet, the drama that ensues when (to no fail) one guy in the house decides to butter up multiple women (in this case, Chris B. from Emily Maynard’s most recent Bachelorette season). I think I’m going to lean toward the latter.

If you’re not sure of the premise of the show, here’s a brief synopsis: Past contestants from seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette join together to live in a house and compete for the $250,000 cash prize and/or for the ultimate reward of capturing someone’s heart. Each week showcases a new challenge for contestants to compete in as couples; roses are given to the winners and those they deem safe; and one man and one woman are voted out each week. At the end, two couples remain standing to vie for the prize. To view a full Bachelor Pad 3 cast list, click here.

Only four episodes have aired, and the drama is just getting started. If you want to get in on the game and start watching Monday nights at 8 p.m., here’s a brief recap of what you need to know from this season’s episodes:


Episode 1: The Ed Files

Ed Swiderski is back; you may remember him as the guy who won Jillian Harris’ heart on her season of the Bachelorette (coincidentally, Reid Rosenthal and Michael Stagliano also starred in the same season as Ed and are also on Bachelor Pad 3). Ed is seen drinking, hooking up and not making much sense, but a complete joy to watch. It’s also revealed that he cheated on Jillian during their courtship, which could have been a factor in their breakup.

In other news, Erica Rose (gimme that gavel!) and Kalon admit their mutual disgust for each other and the fact that they both sold stories about the other to the tabloids (how charming). They then bond over their hometowns in Texas. Who doesn’t love watching frenemies in action?

It is announced that five Bachelor franchise fans will be joining the show. No need to get into them now, since they’ve all been voted off.


Episode 2: Three’s Company

In the first episode, Chris B. partners with Blakeley (from Ben Flajnik’s season of the Bachelor). Blakeley is a bit on the emotional side and needs constant reminders from Chris B. that he will be her partner until death do them part. Initially, Chris B. seems interested in Blakeley, but soon feels like she’s just too high maintenance for him. Enter Jamie (also from Ben Flajnik’s season). And just when Jamie gets hooked, Chris B. starts hooking up with Blakeley again, to keep the peace I’m sure.

Reid decides to gun for Ed, claiming vengeance for losing out on Jillian to him. Not so fast, Reid. Ed stays.


Episode 3: What Goes Around, Comes Around

Reid plays Jekyll and Hyde with Ed, gaining his trust while urging others in the house to vote him out. Ed believes he and Reid are friends and have a great bond—which goes right out the window once he’s told Reid is the one trying to oust him out of the house. Bad move, Reid. If you’re going to have two faces, please make sure one of them is pretty. Poor strategy cost him a limo ride home.

Rachel (also from Ben Flajnik’s season) wins the challenge (an obstacle course) for the women and takes three guys on a date, including Michael, who also happens to be half of the winning pair of Bachelor Pad 2 (he was partnered with Holly, also a Bachelor contestant and his ex-fiance; she later married former Bachelor Pad 2 contestant Blake Julian in a controversial hookup on the show). Michael claims he is back on Bachelor Pad 3 for the romance, and he and Rachel start to share some sparks.


Episode 4: A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action

So Chris B. is no longer interested in Blakeley but remains her partner, and despite hooking up with Jamie and admitting she is hot, he says there are no sparks. Sigh. He claims she’s a “yapper,” and that the only way to shut her up is to kiss her. Oh you sweet thing. Meanwhile, Jamie yaps on and on about how hot, amazing and caring Chris B. is and that she never falls this fast. She even prances around in a bikini and asks to go to bed with him. (Read “What We Can Learn from ‘Bachelor Pad’–Are You Overly Emotional and Insecure,” by DirtyandThirty.com’s co-founder, Stuart Brazell.)

To Jamie’s surprise, Chris B. gets a one-on-one date and decides to take Sarah from Brad Womack’s second stint on the Bachelor). She then convinces herself that Chris B. is trying to protect her from Blakeley’s jealousy, but starts running out of excuses once Chris B. and Sarah decide to stay overnight at a hotel after their action-packed date. Unfortunately, Jamie focused too much of her time on Chris B. and not enough time on alliances in the house, and she, too, found herself crying in the backseat of a limo, heartbroken, again.


Other notable pairings include Kalon (from Emily Maynard’s season) and Lindzi (from Ben’s season), as well as Ed and Jaclyn (also from Ben’s season). The latter seems more like a pairing of strategy and convenience, rather than love, but hey, it’s Ed—and his combination of frat-boy charm and sincere ingenuity are enough to make me tune in each week.

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See you Monday!

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  1. I don’t follow the show regularly, is there a flow chart available for the relationship dynamics, I am still really confused as to who is doing what to whom? This sounds more like a spy novel minus the cars, guns and gadgets 🙂

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    hahah this is fun I hope more of the government site be taken down….that they may not touch the net again!

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