Are women more likely to win at a casino?

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It feels like gambling has always been a male sport. Women are sparse in casinos and rarely go alone. The old laws that banned women from gambling were lifted a long time ago, but we’re still not seeing many women picking up a deck of cards. Why is that? Is it because men are just better at gambling? Well, not quite.

The truth is it’s hard to say whether or not women are better or worse than men, because gambling – especially poker – is all to do with psychology. It’s about the way you think that allows you to win the game and on certain levels men and women do think differently. Men might be more willing to go big and take risks while women might hang back and play a tighter strategy. It’s also difficult to gauge how successful women are at the casino because it’s the male players that are going professional. Women are gambling more nowadays, but women are playing online casinos instead of going to live ones.

There’s also the big issue of stereotypes that we see and that a lot of professional female poker players are trying to fight against. It’s the idea that a man going to a casino alone is a common sight, but a woman going alone is an anomaly. A man playing online poker for hours is honing his skills, whereas a women playing online is wasting her life. The difference is, however, that playing online gives an element of privacy. They don’t have to get dressed up or feel judged by other gamblers. Online, no one has to know that they are a woman and that’s one big benefit that’s drawing in a lot of female players.

Playing online isn’t just about anonymity, though. There are certain ways that online gambling works that suits the lifestyles of most women and the skills needed relate to their strengths. One of the big differences between online and live poker is that online poker allows you to analyse the game in more depth. Women are less likely to take risks. Whether it’s something ingrained in their psychology or related to something society has taught them, women prefer to analyse a situation in depth rather than make snap decisions. So, they are more likely to be successful at and enjoy online poker because they can analyse their strategy and the strategies of other players without being distracted by the mind games of other players.

Women make up over 40% of online casino players, but on most websites women make up only 10% of the players in the poker rooms. Whatever the real reason for this, it hasn’t got anything to do with women being less likely to win. More than likely, they’re just playing different games. Bingo players consist of three women to every two men, and the women are the ones winning and playing more often. So, if you’re feeling that you’re not good at casinos because you’re a woman, stop immediately. Women have the right skills to be just as good as men – if not better than them at certain games – so don’t let anything hold you back.

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