Why wait for the New Year to feel better?

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Have you tried everything to lose weight, get pregnant, or just feel better?  While people often think about changing their diet in order to lose weight, many don’t realize how important a role diet plays in your overall wellbeing, and the optimal functioning of your body.  When we have trouble getting pregnant, have digestive disorders such as Crohn’s, IBS/IBD, and colitis, have terrible PMS and difficult periods with heavy bleeding (or longer than 3 days) and clotting, have bloating or gas, have “foggy thinking” or our memory isn’t what it used to be, have stomach pain or acid reflux, or have joint pain, just to name a few, they all show us that we can improve what we are eating.  Most diets on the market today recommend eating a certain number of calories, or eating low fat, or low carb.  When you are restricted from eating when you are hungry, or you can’t eat certain food groups at all, you will naturally rebel, and soon just a little bit of instant oatmeal becomes oatmeal cookies and then you find yourself binging late at night and wondering how long you’ll have to stay on the treadmill to burn away your transgressions.

For a way of eating that is easy to maintain, and has thousands of years worth of history behind it, we need to look no further than the secrets of ancient China.

As an acupuncturist, I know firsthand how critical a role that diet can play in the wellbeing of my patients.  That’s why I created The 21 Day Chinese Medicine Cleanse.  It’s an easy to follow 3 week program that guides you through the secrets of Chinese Medicine.  I’ve seen the absolute magic that it can do, and so that is why I’m sharing it with you.  Stuart and Stefanie, the wonderful creators of this site, are going to embark on a journey to improve their wellness with this program, and they’re going to blog about it and share their thoughts.  You can join us too if you like!

So what are these ancient Chinese secrets, you ask?  While I can’t reveal everything here, I’ll tell you the basics.  For the three weeks, there is no coffee (tea is fine), no soda, no artificial sweeteners, and no fried foods.  You are also limited in the amount of wheat, sugar, dairy and eggs that you can intake.  Alcohol is limited to two drinks per week.  All of these things you can still have (except what is “no”)…so there’s still room to enjoy those parties, weddings, and special occasions.  You’ll be exercising, increasing your water intake, and integrating in some feng shui tips, meditation, making vision boards, and all sorts of fun things.  I’m not going to lie…it’s healthy eating and exercise, not even in disguise.  However, it’s a way to integrate these things into your life in an easy manner, and with the support of all your fellow cleansers and myself.

Why wait until the New Year? Want to get an edge on all your friends?  Why not commit to feeling better now?  You can do this cleanse and still enjoy holiday foods.  Aren’t you worth it?  Until you know how much better you could feel, you don’t really know what you are missing.  I promise you though that the flat stomach, happy digestion, and higher energy version of yourself will thank you.

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You can learn more about Jen’s nutrition/lifestyle program, The 21 Day Chinese Medicine Cleanse.


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