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A couple years ago I forgot my debit card PIN number for about a week. That was sucky!!! I don’t know what happened, it just suddenly left my mind and went on a vacation or something. Welcome to the Information Age…and don’t forget your passwords kids!

In a world ruled by online accounts, site logins, multiple email addresses, mobile apps, etc.; sometimes it’s literally difficult to keep up. When I got my newest iPhone I remember trying to get it all set up and the girl at Sprint was super frustrated because I couldn’t remember my apple ID password for the life of me. Ugh, that’s a WHOLE other story in itself, as in crying in a Sprint store in Bakersfield, CA. Any hoozle, I used to maintain everything with the same one password (super smart, I know) but now I have two-possibly three or four?? I DON’T REMEMBER! Something gets hacked…you have to change your password. Yahoo or whoever feels like you need to change your password to keep you safe or some crap….so you do. One of these days I think I will have everything reverted back to the original password because I will have changed them all enough times. At least I hope so?!


Here I am bitching about remembering passwords, but remember how back in the day we actually “knew” phone numbers?! I have a total of two phone numbers memorized. So, basically if I had to call someone other than my parents without my phone contacts on me-nope, wouldn’t be possible. Yowzas!

Has the Information Age stupefied us a little? Probably, or definitely…or yes, yes for sure. But, I suppose you can also look at it like a rebalancing act of sorts. We may not remember phone numbers anymore, but we sure as hell won’t forget a list of popular hash tags or that handy dandy password lock on our iPhones. Who am I kidding?? We are doomed……but, at least we can order pizza online through an app without actually talking to anyone. #downfallofmankind



LeeAnne Hendricks
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