Wedding Planning Woes

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You hit a certain age and it seems as though everyone that you know is getting engaged or married. Everyone is smiling and celebrating but they forget the hard work that goes into planning a wedding. We all wish that a wedding was nothing more than a celebration of two people’s commitment to one another but in reality it is so much more than that. When planning a wedding remember there are downsides to keep in mind. It is going to be fun and one the best days of your life so make sure you are prepared. Go in with a game plan because people are going to be throwing curve balls at you left and right.

For example, to your parents, the big day is show and tell. They want to show off to all of their friends and family how wonderful their child is. They want to spend the big bucks to blow them all out of the water and all of this means your guest list is probably going to double. If your parents are divorced it can be so much worse. It could essentially become a pissing contest to see who comes out on top for the big day. Did Mom buy you the dress of your dreams? Did Dad have a killer speech? Can they even stand to be in the same room together? The headache that will inevitably come when planning your wedding around your parents is going to require you pop more than a few aspirin.

Your siblings are going to be much easier to handle but don’t forget that if you have two sisters, only one can be the maid of honor. So what do you do? Do you pick a friend instead or just let one of them down lightly? Who do you even pick, the one who is organized and will plan the shit out of your bridal shower, or the one you are closest to? Tough choice. Good luck to you, my friend!

Now, for the real tough stuff, bridesmaids. This is something you have to take seriously. You have best friends and of course you want them to be part of your big day but make sure they are in it for the right reasons. The craziness that can come from a bad bridal party is nothing to play around with. You don’t need to ruin friendships over a bachelorette party destination and you sure don’t need to have a brawl at the bridal salon when picking out dresses. This is an all for one and one for all type of situation and you need to make sure those girls are on board.

A wedding should be a happy occasion but so often brides and grooms alike are stressed about their big day, most often due to the influence of outside forces. Don’t let that be you. Have a plan in place. Know that there is tough stuff around the corner and shake it off when it hits you. There is only so much you can do to please everyone so keep that in mind. It is your big day and that means for once in your life you are the Boss.



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