10 Reasons to Love the 90s

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We may be getting older, but growing up in the 90’s was AMAZING and no other generation will remember things quite like those of us in our 30’s right now! If you’re in your 30’s – chances are you remember some of the following:

10) NO CALLER ID: It’s hard to believe we ever used to answer the phone without knowing who was calling us – the horror!

9) ROAD MAPS: That’s right – we were always lost and we had no navigation systems! We couldn’t see the road because we were trying to read an enormous road map that would never be folded properly again!

8) DIAL-UP: You didn’t care how slow the internet was because you finally HAD the internet! You’ve Got Mail was all the rage in an era when Meg Ryan was still America’s sweetheart.

7) GRUNGE-WEAR: I lived in flannels and electric blue Doc Martin’s. I used purple Manic Panic hair dye. Still managed to win best dressed in high-school. Enough said.

6) SMOKING IN BARS: You didn’t know who was there because you couldn’t see two feet in front of your face. Smoking was still legal almost everywhere and your clothes and hair smelled like a pool hall by the end of the night!

5) MUSIC & MUSIC VIDEOS: Music videos weren’t endangered and were on the music networks ALL THE TIME! Do kids even know what MTV stands for?! Some videos even premiered on major networks in prime-time time slots! And how could we forget the music we were raised on – NO AUTO-TUNE! When we were growing up, singers could really sing!

4) MONICA LEWINSKY: Bill Clinton was well on his way to going down in the history books as one of the greatest U.S. presidents ever and you voted for him! Unfortunately, he gave us something else to remember him by.

3) NIRVANA: The only thing spiritual about this band was the awakening that occurred after Kurt Cobain’s suicide. One of my friend’s carved a “K” in her arm! Ummm, hello?!?!

2) CASSETTE TAPES: And that’s not the half of it! Technology has changed at such an unbelievable rate, it has left many of us in the dust of younger generations who were raised on computers. My best friend’s 18 month old plays with an iPad!

1) NO CELL PHONES: I can’t elaborate because I can’t fathom the thought. Fainting now.



  1. Jasleen says:

    In one of his movies, I want to say Tad Hamilton but I might be wrong, he is on the phone with snoemoe, but in the background the TV is tuned to a Fighting Sioux Game. I picked up on it, my Dad is OpDir, and I remember telling him about it!

  2. I realize I spent most of the nineties swimming competitively so I looked at black line in a pool for most of it. I don’t really remember much of it. Maybe Pearl Jam and Bill Clinton. That’s about it.

  3. Kara says:

    Although I was a child in middle and high school during the 90’s (no bars), I remember all of this. And I just mentioned last night how having no cell phone seems like a foreign concept. But oh so tempting – wish I could stomach the idea of disconnecting, just for a little. See what kind of growth happens. 🙂

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