The Truth About the Matter: Are Women Crazier Than Men?

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Men think women are “overly-emotional.” It’s my contention that men paint women with this brush because it’s easier to say things like, “You’re acting crazy,” “You’re overreacting” or “You’re blowing this WAY out of proportion” than to actually attempt to look at a situation from a woman’s perspective. Honestly, I don’t think there’s even a GAPING difference in perspective between men and women – although many books in the self-improvement section of your local book store would probably beg to differ.

I just believe that men have become accustomed to being dismissive of women’s perspectives – often mistaking our very legitimate and rational concerns as being derived from mere emotion. Men, trying to understand something from a woman’s perspective won’t emasculate you – I promise. Understanding one-another is just a part of the human condition. The difference is simply that women tend to put others before themselves because it’s in their good nature; while most men don’t possess that natural tendency. In other words, women try to understand what it’s like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes while men just want someone to give them a foot rub. And sometimes in pursuit of that understanding, women get a bad rap.

Women are biologically different from men. Men, in case there was any confusion, we’re aware of this fact. In addition to you pointing it out to us, we already have a monthly reminder. Yes ladies, if we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a million times: “Is it that time of the month?” A word to the wise, men: STOP ASKING US THIS QUESTION. Also, stop muttering it under your breath as you’re storming out of the room.

The truth about the matter is this: if we are crazy, it’s because something is driving us crazy. And frustration isn’t a byproduct of our biology. It’s something we experience as men and women alike. Is it really THAT perplexing that you might sometimes be the source of our consternation? We’re aware as women that we can occasionally be the source of yours. So what if we’re frustrated to the point of wanting to scream (and sometimes that comes out as crying). Men and women communicate uniquely as individuals – not in accordance with our sex. And emotional outbursts are situational. You can’t paint them in broad general (sexist) strokes.

In conclusion, are women crazier than men? The answer is a resounding NO. Men and women are crazy counterparts. And guys, don’t pretend you’ve never sang along to a Dashboard Confessional song. You can be kinda emo sometimes too.

This is in response to ‘Guy Talk’: Keeping The Crazy at Bay



  1. Matt says:

    I am bisexual and it’s pretty even. It looks different. When I break up with a guy and since I haven’t been in a mixed relationship, they are bisexual and no ladies, they aren’t “gay boyfriends” by any means, they are outside of that one quality, 95% of the time, straight men in spirit. I have my touch of crazy ex girlfriend for a months or so because usually it happens after being told 3 days prior how in love you are with us or it was out of the blue.

  2. Captain Science says:

    It is scientifically proven that women have significantly higher rates of mental health disorders. If you occasionally studied a phenomenon properly, as opposed to pontificating on it, you might come closer to accurate conclusions.

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