Staying Connected As An Adult

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When we leave school as a teenager and become an adult it can be a big culture shock to the system. Suddenly your weekend days aren’t filled with watching cartoons and meeting up with friends, they are filled with doing the laundry and buying new wallpaper for the living room. You will no longer have a lot of free time to yourself because most of your days will be spent working, and when you come home you need to make food, do chores and exercise and then try to make time for your family and friends… it’s hard. So how do people stay connected as an adult?


Spend time with family


Family is the most important thing in the world and it is more crucial than anything else in your life. Because of this you should make extra time and effort to spend time with your family throughout your month and try to see your family at least once or twice a month. Schedule it into your calendar and don’t cancel your plans! If you have family within your home consisting of your partner and children, make sure you spend quality time with them each evening to maintain those relationships and bond.


Make time for friends


Friends are what our world revolves around during our school years and we see our best friends pretty much every single day during our younger years. However once we leave school, people study in different parts of the country, they get jobs, and arranging a time to see each other can become a huge challenge in itself. To make sure you can see your friends at least once a month, make sure you make a pact between you all and swap your work schedules to allow you all to find even a couple of hours to catch up. It is so important not to let friends slip away in adulthood because they are the people we go to when we need them.


Find new hobbies


When you become an adult it is very easy to become snowed under initially with the things you are responsible for. This can often lead us to giving up the gym or our hobbies for a few months while we adjust to a new way of life and it can be awhile before we are settled down enough to start again. Finding a new hobby can be a great way to connect with people because you can join groups, classes and online chats where like minded people enjoy the same things as you. Building a community around your hobby can be valuable and it allows you to connect in a tangible way to lots of new people.


Join a team


If you are feeling as if you are lonely in your life and you don’t have much to occupy your time outside work, a good idea would be to join a sports team. Sporting teams can be a wonderful excuse to get fit and learn a new skill while becoming part of a close knit family and friends who will support you through the process. You can make some amazing friendships over this time which you can keep for years and years and this can be a great way to spend your spare time outside of work.


Stay online


Social media is called social media for a reason you know! If you feel as if you are slipping away from your old friendships and you are out of the loop with family, get onto social media and stay connected. A like, a comment or a message can be enough to stay in people’s lives and it can allow you to stay connected to people you used to see every single day.


Call up
If in doubt and you have no one to talk to, you can call someone on local chat line phone numbers or become a volunteer to call the elderly when they are alone in their older years. Even a phone conversation can be a great way to stay in touch and connect with people and you can call up your family and friends every so often just to see how they are and how they feel. It doesn’t take much time or effort to pick up the phone and call someone and it can actually be the ideal way to stay in touch when you all have busy lives and you don’t have the time to go out and see each other in the flesh.

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