What Are The Signs He’s Thinking About Marriage?

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It’s rare that a person is truly taken by surprise when it comes to an engagement. Even if though don’t know exactly what’s going on, there are usually a few behind the scenes hints that marriage could be on the cards. If you’ve been with your partner for some time, and you’re beginning to wonder if he’s going to ask for your hand in marriage any time soon, then look out for some of the signs we’ve outlined below. It might not be a sure thing, but it could mean that it’s only a matter of time.


Acting Shifty


Has your lovable partner begun to act a little, well, not like himself? It could be that he’s thinking about a time in the not too distant future where he asks you to be his wife. Of course, he’s not going to be acting nervously all of the time. But if he begins to act a little off when someone mentions marriage (either yours or someone else’s), then it’s clearly on his mind in one way or another. Best to mention his nervous ways, let him think that he’s got everything under control.


Thinking About the Future


One of the biggest signs that your partner might be thinking about marriage — either in the near future or at least some point — is he openly, unselfconsciously talks about the future that you and he will share. It might not mean that the proposal is imminent, but it’ll show that it’s not a radical or crazy idea in his eyes. Whether it’s now or one year down the line, he’ll probably be looking at Tacori engagement rings and planning the perfect proposal. He’s clearly showing that you’re the one he wants to be with.


Making Big Plans 


Is your usually easily-pleased partner all of a sudden making big plans to go to the Caribbean, or to the destination you both always talked about visiting together? Then while there’s a chance that he’s just come into some money and wants to splash the cash…it’s also possible that he’s planning a special getaway for a special reason. Now, really, this is a win-win. You might go away and come home as an engaged woman, but even if not, you’ll still get to enjoy all the fun of spending some time in a one-off destination. Plus, even without the engagement, it’s a lovely gesture that he’s made!


More Time with the Family


If you’ve picked correctly, you’ll have a partner that likes to spend time with your family. But here’s the thing: if he’s suddenly willing to spend even more time with your parents and siblings and extended family, then it could be a sign that he’s working towards making them his family, too. It’s always good to get to know the family you’re marrying into, but it’s also about respect. This will let your family know that when he does ask for your hand, he’s not going to be whisking you away — you’ll still be just as much a part of the family as you are now, perhaps even more!


There’s a Reason 


Humans are seemingly hardwired to enjoy order, in all forms! So it’s no wonder that many engagements take place on a specific date, rather than a random one. If you’ve got an important birthday coming up, or you’ve been together for five years or something, then that might be all the encouragement that your partner needs to get down on one knee and ask the big question. If there’s something big on the horizon, keep an eye out for any of the clues we’ve mentioned in this list. He’s unlikely to ask on, say, a random Tuesday night — the data will likely signify something!


There’s a Mood


We perceive so much more than what we see and hear. If we pay attention, we can read the mood — actually all it requires is a little bit of self-awareness, and the ability to slow down. So make a habit of reading the mood. This is good advice in general, as it’ll help to keep your relationship on solid ground (you’ll know when it needs more work, for example), and can also give you a heads up if something is on the horizon. In the build-up to the proposal, you’ll likely feel it in the air, especially if your friends and family are in on the surprise, too.


While these hints won’t necessarily end in an engagement, they’re pretty likely to happen if a proposal is on the cards!


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