Seven surprising side effects of sleeping on your stomach you might not know before

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Seven surprising side effects of sleeping on your stomach you might not know before. If you have been sleeping carelessly whole your life, then it is high time you face the harsh reality. Sleeping positions matter so much for our health. Some positions benefit our spine health and some kills it. It’s you who decide to have a healthy body or not with changing your sleeping positions. If you are a stomach sleeper, let me tell you that this is one of the worst sleeping position claimed by doctors. But it has some good side effects as well. Let’s know some good and the bad things about sleeping on your stomach. 

1. Stomach sleeping helps with snoring: 

Most of the Americans snore. If someone says they don’t, then they do not have a partner to tell that they snore. If you are a stomach sleeper and do not snore then your sleeping position is helping you do not. Back sleepers face the problem that their back of tongue gets into the airway and causes suffocation. Itleads to snoring. But it does not happen in the case of a person with a stomach sleeper personality.

2. Stomach sleeping helps with sleep apnea:

Sleep apnea is sudden suffocation during the sleep. The patient does not get enough oxygen supply to the brain and the rest of the body. When the soft tissue on the back of your throat collapse, sleep apnea happens. It can be avoided if you are someone who has a stomach sleeper personality. But a lot of lifestyle changes is needed to cure sleep apnea. Keep that in mind.

3. Takes a toll on your spine:

 The first thing stomach sleeping hurts the spine. The way you sleep on your stomach, it destroys the natural curve of your body. Resting on the back places strains on back. Maintaining a neutral sleeping position is impossible like this. When you sleep on your stomach, you put all the weight and pressure on the stomach. The area cannot handle it alone. 

4. Not comfortable at all: 

You have to face all kinds of problems while sleeping on stomach. You get spine pain, neck pain, and headache as well. All these happen because there is little to no comfort in sleeping on the stomach. If you buy a hybrid mattress, you can aid you to sleep better.

5. You are likely to suffer from sleep deprivation: 

Because of your spine not being in the healthiest condition you will suffer from lack of sleep. This uncomfortable situation is going to make your body ache all the time. You will fail to do daily activities or responsibility of your own.

6. It often causes headache:

 Displacement of the neck is already talked in the previous passage where you came to know about the displacement of the neck. As the neck is not in the best position then your head is not in the most comfortable position. This causes your nerves to rebel. Thus you get a headache due to sleeping on stomach.

7. The neck is also in much danger:

As stomach sleepers cannot miraculously learn how to breathe through the pillow, They will have to keep their neck on the sides to sleep. Your head and spine go out of alignment like this. It makes a twist in your neck. You will not notice the damage at first time, but slowly you will feel that pain. It can even irritate your nerves at some point. So it is necessary for everyone to stay away from sleeping on the stomach. 


These were some facts for stomach sleepers. Some of them were bad and some not so bad. Try to avoid sleeping on the back for your good. The hybrid mattress is suitable for all kinds of sleepers for the comfort it provides. It is an excellent mattress for side sleepers. So get one and try to sleep on your side which is a pretty good sleeping position during pregnancy.

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