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Two Thumbs Up for the feel good musical!  Am I saying it should win the Oscar for ‘Best Picture’?  Absolutely not, but if you want to laugh your ass off and sing along in the theater – this is the movie for you!

There are some definite changes made for the film, but I dug them all.  The songs are trimmed down and the pace is much faster.  It totally has a ‘music video’ feel … but in a good way, so kudos to director Adam Shankman.  Tom Cruise kicks ass in his portrayal of rock legend Stacee Jaxx and enjoys a much meatier role than in the musical.  He can really sing!  And his sidekick ‘Hey Man’ (that’s his name and yes he is a primate) is a total scene stealer.

Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand make a fabulous duo and share some of my favorite scenes!  Russell Brand really surprised me – I walked into the theater with a Katy Perry grudge, but he totally won me over.  Catherine Zeta Jones also shines as the villain who tries to shut the Bourbon Room down only to later be revealed as a former Stacee Jaxx groupie.  And she brings her ‘Chicago’ style attitude and dance skills to one of my favorite numbers.

Diego Boneta is a total doll as ‘Drew’ and really shines in his boy band scenes 🙂  And no surpise Paul Giamatti kills it as the sleazy music manager.  The only thing I really didn’t like about this movie was Julianne Hough.  I kept thinking how Katharine McPhee would have absolutely slayed in this role!

Bottom line – go see this movie if you are looking for a good time and to be truly entertained.  Oh, and to see Tom Cruise in assless chaps!

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  1. “I feel the need, the need for assless chaps.” (Yes, I am making a comical Top Gun reference here). The week is almost over, just wanted to make you guys smile 🙂

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