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Back in 2013, I had just moved to South Florida from Los Angeles and the amount of concerts in my area were very few unless I drove down to Miami. Which isn’t that bad—unless I want to be stuck in two hours’ worth of traffic. Nonetheless, that year I bought my ticket to Vans Warped Tour—which I hadn’t gone to since I was in high school might I add—but I was pleasantly surprised by one band in particular that really caught my attention: Reel Big Fish. And can you guys believe they’ve been around since the 90’s? I felt like a total failure for not knowing who they were.

So when I was offered an extra ticket to catch them again last night—two years later—at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale, there was no way I was passing up the chance. Seriously, fellow music enthusiasts, if you haven’t seen Reel Big Fish live, add it to your bucket list because this is one concert you cannot miss! They’re music and ‘fuck you’ attitude is a breath of fresh air—oddly enough—from the plethora of artists who are just trying to be the ‘next big thing.’ And even though they really don’t have much new music, it was even better then when I saw them a few years back!

If you swear like a sailor, dig some Ska, and in general you’re just a weirdo, than this band is for you. What are you waiting for? They’re on tour now with Less Than Jake. Find out if they stop in a city near you or download their songs from iTunes. You can thank me later.

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