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There’s a common misconception that some people look good in picture naturally while others don’t. In reality, being photogenic is not a genetic talent that some are born with while others lack it. Being photogenic is an art that some people have already mastered while others are still learning, or worse, have decided never to learn! Looking good in photos is a matter of timing, props, and clever prep so that you are not caught in a bad angle. People who unintentionally photo bomb a group picture are not uglier than others. They simply don’t know these few secrets.

1, 2, 3… Smile

If you are keen on smiling in your picture, then you should take special care of one thing: Your teeth. A beautiful smile is indeed not a given; it’s something you need to work hard for. Beautiful white pearls need not only specific cleaning products – click here for reviews of the best teeth whitening kits – but also dedicated care. Indeed, it takes more than whitening cream to get a perfect smile. It’s a change of lifestyle. Sugary food can increase the natural decay of your teeth. Tobacco and alcohol can cause stains. So it’s important to stick to a healthy diet to keep your teeth looking clean and shiny. But don’t think it’s enough: You still need a dedicated dentist too.


White teeth

The Art Of The Flattering Pose

Most people tend to look awkward in photos because they haven’t quite mastered the art of finding a flattering posture. Indeed, placing your body strategically to catch the best camera angle is an art that you can learn. For instance, you should avoid low angles below the eye as these can make you look round. If you are standing, put an arm on your hip to slender your arm. Slightly twist your body to the side as this avoid showing your body at its widest angle. For portraits, always keep your chin up as this elongates your neck and avoids the double chin effect.


Get the pose for a slender you

Check Your Makeup

There is nothing worse than a makeup mishap. Visible powder on your face, unnatural highlight or contour elements, and runny mascara will make you look at your worst. The most common makeup fails tend to go from using too much bright base on your face – who likes to look completely orange? – to excited eyeliner abuse. So avoid the shame and check in the mirror before you go out.


Look Natural

There’s no way around it: A pose is never natural unless you are being photographed without your knowledge. So, try not to flash your broadest smile or stick your tongue out. It will make you look unnaturally silly. Some of the best portrait tips that you can find are the key to natural and fun photos.  Professional photographers like to ask people to tell each other secrets during the seance, so that they can catch natural mischievousness and smiles, for example. If it’s a family or a group portrait, why not arrange for a surprise attack from the younger ones? This will make sure that everyone, including you, will look as relaxed as possible.


Whisper secrets to each other

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