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It’s time to admit it. This year, while full of adventure, has been hard. Yes, I am lucky and blessed;  I love my career and my husband, as well as my friends and family. But it’s been almost 11 months since I have had my own space. Yup, you heard that right. While others relished on owning their own home or apartment, I was in transition.

On December 2012, I found myself in a tough situation. Rent in my Aventura, FL apartment was going up…way up. We are talking over $200-plus a month more. Discouraged, my husband and I packed up our bags and moved into my father-in-law’s home, moving all our essentials into storage while we waited for his father to find the apartment of his dreams. We would then be renting his townhome. We would finally pay decent rent in South Florida. We thought the move would only compromise of two months, max. Little did we know it would take much, much longer. Times are tough and finding the perfect apartment would take my father-in-law more time than expected. I admit it, we fought. I thought we couldn’t take it anymore, living in a guest bedroom out of a suitcase and sharing a guest bathroom after living in a two-bedroom apartment with an adjacent garage after getting married. I shed tears as I realized how much I missed entertaining in my own home and having my own space. I prayed that time would pass so we could finally get to the point where I could see, as superficial as it might sound, my clothes and shoes again. Though I love my husband’s father and I was thankful to be having him as our landlord in the future, I can honestly say living in this situation has been the most challenging experience I have gone through recently as a 30-something woman. Privacy was scarce. Depression swept over me. I thought it would never end. But slowly I picked myself up and with the help of friends who heard me vent many times, got through it. I knew, in my mind, that the best was yet to come. Someday and somewhat.

Finally in October,  my husband and I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. After finding the apartment he wished for, my husband’s father moved out with our help. Then, thanks to my lovely friends (kudos to you Laurie, Fernan, Justin and Russell for helping us out), my husband picked up a U-Haul truck this Sunday and we moved our furniture in. With a lot of patience we started setting up our home. Cheers erupted as we discovered gems in boxes that we had missed or forgotten about. We chatted with our friends over pizza and cold beers and set up our place after they left. Right now, I sit in the guest bedroom where we spent our time since early 2013 hoping for our own space, inspired to write this blog. Yes, I might be surrounded by boxes, but hubby and I finally have our own space to call home. And that to me is priceless.

The first thing I set up was my closet and it was a joy to start organizing my shoes. Proudly I now display my first pair of Christian Louboutins and I hung my favorite dresses. It might not be perfect but it’s mine. I can say I have a home. Ladies, if there’s anything I have learned about this experience is that patience IS a virtue and no matter what difficult things might come into your life you can overcome them with a lot of strength and positivity. While 2013 has been tough due to my home situation, I have been blessed with a great career and a lot of travel thanks to my job. We should never solely focus on the negative. I also learned that my marriage with my husband is strong enough to get through anything, good and bad. We said our vows and meant it. Now, excuse me while I go enjoy a home-cooked dinner…on our kitchen table and in our new living room. Finally!


Aurora Dominguez
Aurora Dominguez is currently a high-school teacher. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she will never regret the time she packed up three suitcases to move to sunny Miami, Florida to pursue her Master’s Degree in Mass Communications at Florida International University. Proud to be in her 30’s, Aurora loves meeting young minds when she teaches that are eager to learn the ever-changing wonders of today’s fast-paced world of journalism. Some of Aurora’s loves include writing, pop music, jeans and graphic tees, her friends, champagne and her husband Sebastian. She can be found gossiping over wine with her girlfriends, at a concert or enjoying days off with the hubby.

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