Olympic Weiners…this athlete’s showing off more than just his medal

Dirt of the Day

The Olympics were very exciting to watch, but maybe more exciting for the athletes receiving medals.  It was rumored Henrik Rummel might have been sportin’ an oar in his shorts awards day. He denied it. Ok, so maybe Henrik didn’t have an erection and just a really large limp penis.  If he were erect, those shorts wouldn’t hide the whole thing! The tip would be creeping out pollinating his victory flowers!

If that monster’s what you’re working with soft, he may have won a bronze in rowing but Rummel’s got the gold in his pants. Ya feel me ladies!

I’m surprised he rowed as fast as he did considering there’s an anchor between his legs. It’s a shame no one gave him the benefit of the doubt, he’s just showing his dedication to our country and saluting the flag. His teammates must hate him because now we all notice how small their junk is. This athlete’s obviously not on steroids because nothing on his body is shrinking!  When he’s over being an Olympian competing in the water he can try his “non big ass boner” between the sheets in porn!

Jill Anenberg
With a background in stand up comedy and brought up with a pack of dudes, for self defense I learned a lot of strength training moves. Now I love to share my passion for health & wellness in my own comedic Jill fashion. I'm a certified Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer.

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  1. Amy says:

    I suppose that he’s working with something, as long as that’s not his boner and he’s a grower not a shower…otherwise, not all that impressive! He has oddly big balls though, hahaha…

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