Why it’s not a Bad Thing that Millennials Want to Change the World

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Every day there are articles floating around the internet about how millennials are changing this industry or that industry. Not only that, but there are also a ton of opinions on the personality of the millennial generation and how many things have changed as a result.

In truth, there are many things that have changed due to the millennial generation – but that’s not always a bad thing. Each generation evolves as a result of its upbringing, technology, and education. This generation is one full of movers and shakers — to borrow a saying from some older generations. Millennials want to change the world. No dream is too big, there are no impossible goals, and every small gesture matters.

They are compassionate.

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Millennials are largely a giving and charitable generation that values equality and mindfulness. Compassion basically drives all of their decisions and despite being pegged as being self-absorbed or entitled by some (which is probably tied to age rather than their actual generational values), millennials want to change the world because they care about the wellbeing of others. Not only are they inclusive and caring, they prefer to work for businesses that make a difference and are ethically sound.

Millennials do their research and prefer shopping at businesses that align with their values, research charities before donating to them, and are more likely to take part in activism or volunteerism than other generations. In order to appeal to them, renters focus on being environmentally friendly, manufacturers focus on sustainability, and businesses focus on fair treatment of their employees, among other things. Millennials are not only extremely compassionate, they are a generation of people who walk the walk in addition to talking the talk.

They are innovative

Each generation is full of innovation, and the millennial generation is no different. In a world full of technology, ideas have to evolve to keep up. Millennials may have been faulted for the fall of a ton of different industries, but they are also creating a ton of cool things as well. Technology, business, STEM industries, and a ton of other industries have seen a boom in interest from the millennial generation looking to make a difference in the way the world works around us. Millennials want to find new ways to do the same old thing and they want to create solutions to problems.

Creativity knows no bounds within the millennial generation’s ability to innovate and create change. Fortunately, the change they create is not a bad thing — industries change all the time as a result of evolving values and updates in technology. Millennials are just the ones spearheading that change.

They are determined.

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Millennials are determined. Determined to make a difference, determined to be better, determined to change the world. There’s no dream too big or challenge too great for this generation to take on. There’s not one generation better than another – especially since newer generations are taught and parented by older generations. Where things get a bit lost is where society changes. The issues important to one generation may be different than what is important to the next. For the millennial generation, they are determined to create change within the issues important to them. One way that they do that is to make smart purchasing decisions by researching the companies they are loyal to.

When millennials see injustice or tragedy, they are determined to make a difference. Whether it’s how climate change affects public health, the status of marriage equality across the country, the need for sentencing reform in our judicial system, or a natural disaster affecting a portion of the country, millennials can be counted on to make a difference. Tenacity and determination colors this generation and there’s nothing wrong with being passionate about something important to you.

They are making a difference.

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Making a difference is what changing the world is all about – even if it’s just for one person or it’s done in just one small way. Millennials are great at making moves, initiating change, and creating a movement, and one way they are able to do that with so much force is with the use of technology. Utilizing social media, paying attention to what’s trending, and understanding the mechanics of what makes something popular is one way that they are able to make a difference and spread their message. Technology has made things instantaneous and that’s one way that millennials are able to make a difference easier than generations previously.

Not only have they made a difference by using technology to push their message, they are also using technology itself to make things more available. Technology has helped people’s overall health, more millennials are using it for education, and they are communicating with people in a much larger way than they were before. Not only do millennials prioritize making a difference, they are able to do it on a much larger scale with the use of technology.

Some people dislike that the world is changing and blame it on the younger generations in order to cope. The truth is that yes, the world is changing, and yes, millennials are proud to be a part of that change. Change is inevitable, and this generation is determined to make it a change for good. They aren’t the generation killing wine corks and vacations, and they aren’t the generation obsessed with avocados and fidget spinners. Millennials are, more than anything else, the generation that wants to change the world. They are compassionate, innovative, determined, and, as a result, are making a real difference.


Guest Blog: Chelsy Ranard

Chelsy is a writer from Montana who is now living in Boise, Idaho. She graduated with her journalism degree from the University of Montana in 2012. She is a shark enthusiast, enjoys wood burning, and loves out of date rock music. Follow her on Twitter!

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