Movember? It’s December! Time to rid the stash Mr.

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Don’t get me wrong. I am a Mo Sista.  I completely support Mo Bros and their selfless tenacity to grow that beautifully shaped mustache supporting men’s health for Movember.

For those of you who don’t know what Movember is… During the month of November men grow moustaches to raise awareness and funds toward the fight against prostate and other cancers that affect men.

But let me get back to my point here.  During the month of November it is remarkable and touching to see all these men walking around sporting those mustaches.  But let’s be honest here, we are into the middle of December now.  Men, it’s time to shave off those Mustaches.  They were cute in November…It showed that you stood for something in November…but its December now and it is time to show us ladies your adorable faces again.  Some of you are starting to look like the Unabomber or men from the 20’s and not in a good way, but more so a creepy way.

I just went to the Movember website and this is what it said – “To participate, you start off with a clean shave on October 31st, and do not shave your moustache for the entire month of November, and then resume your regularly scheduled shaves on December 1st.”

Some of you men are missing a very important step of the process.

“resume your regularly scheduled shaves on December 1st.”

Those mustaches are growing out of hand…I want to see your bare manly faces again…

Please…No more mustaches.


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  1. Khushboo says:

    20, 2011 Leave a Comment Look, I don’t have anything angsait beards, really. I know that I’ve spilled a few words here about not loving them, but I don’t, like, hate them. Some perfectly wonderful men have beards. Gandalf! Dumbledore!

  2. Its okay, they only look like the Unabomber if they are sporting the aviator shades and the hoodie when its sunny out side. 🙂 Great article, loved it.

  3. Too many men these days fail to grow up, instead sporting hoodies and trainers into their 30 s and 40s looking like retired members of boy bands. Men should be proud to display their manliness and women should celebrate their blokes outwards signs of virility. Or leave them for a woman who appreciates a real man!

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