My #MondayMotivation today and every day is Lane Moore

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I’m told we are supposed to save our “woman crushes” to post on Wednesdays. But if there is a beautiful woman who inspires you every day with her wit, intelligence and musical talent, why do I have to wait until Wednesday to say so?

So I’m not waiting.

Also as I try to keep up with the appropriate hashtag for each day of the week, I am aware that #MondayMotivation sums up exactly how this person makes me feel.

That person is Lane Moore.

Writer. Comedian. Filmmaker. Musician. All around badass human being as well as the host of Tinder Live, one of the coolest shows to hit Brooklyn since before all the gentrification started and turned a whole borough into a giant Starbucks.

My love for Lane first began when I realized that almost every Cosmopolitan article I was bookmarking or emailing to friends was written by her. Want real talk about sexuality, dating, gender identity, even oral sex? She writes about it like she was just idly hanging out nearby listening during EVERY RELATIONSHIP I HAVE EVER HAD.

Obviously she wasn’t. (I don’t think). But she writes in a way to make you sit up and shout “oh my God, this person totally gets it!”

And it’s not just smart commentary, it’s incredibly funny. Nodding along with the words she writes is always interspersed with bursts of laughter regardless of whether or not you’re in public. I’m a big fan of laughing out loud when it’s warranted. Unless you’re in church. In which case you shouldn’t be reading Cosmo anyway. You should be praying or counting all the lady hats Judy Blume style.

But I digress. If you didn’t think Lane could be any cooler. Just wait. She has a band. The girl can sing. (I wanted to say “the girl can SANG” but I’m a nerdy girl from New Jersey, let’s not kid ourselves). Her band’s name is “It Was Romance” and their first music video was recently released for the single “Philadelphia.” You can check out the gender bending video here (which she directed! Yay female directors!)

If you don’t live in NYC, I’m afraid to say that the Tinder Live show has not yet been sold into a half hour program at Comedy Central destined for syndication. But if you do reside in New York or nearby you need to check it out. Lane allows the audience to assist in her personal Tinder swiping to create (or negate) matches. It’s as hilarious as it sounds. The next one is happening August 1st at The Knitting Factory, tickets sell out, so be sure to grab them here:

(Rumor is that Sara Benincasa is a special guest that night. Another fellow funny lady goddess to admire, so screw you Michael Eisner).

So I could declare myself for Lane all day but instead I’m just gonna go drive over to her place and stand outside her window with a boombox. While I do? You can buy her album here on iTunes and read a few of her most recent kickass pieces from Cosmopolitan right here:

Have fun falling in love! Then go follow her on Twitter @hellolanemoore.

Oh and you’re welcome world.

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Danielle Sepulveres
Danielle Sepulveres is thirty-three years old and on a neverending quest to find a real-life Zack Morris. She's a freelance writer/producer who lives in NYC and has contributed to, HelloGiggles, The Comedy Experiment and Hussy magazine. Follow her on Twitter @ellesep and buy her book LOSING IT: The Semi Scandalous Story of an Ex-Virgin available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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